Friday, November 14, 2014

Wienerdog Wednesday

Marilyn Monroe in Paris, 1959 (Paris Match)
Like Marilyn here, I've had my hands full lately. I'm just back from 5 days in St. Paul, MN, where the women are strong and, thankfully, so is the coffee. There's not much worse than conferences where I have to endure 12 hour days fueled by brownish hot water posing as coffee. 

I got out of St. Paul Sunday, just before Astro blew into town. Now I'm back in Bubbaville, taking the day off to unpack and, assuming the morning cloud cover will eventually pass, take a long stroll in the warm sun before the Polar Whatever-it-is moves down to Dixie. 

I think my next trip needs to be solely for pleasure, and somwhere warm. I wonder if I have enough hotel points to score a stay in N'Orleans  . . . .