Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well. Welcome.

Excuse the mess. I'm just getting settled in here, but at least I've got the curtains hung.

There's a bottle of shiraz open on the counter -- help yourself. No, not to the whole thing . . . sheesh.

After several weeks of not being able to access my former "home" at my own convenience, I had recently contemplated setting up a post-election, post-bush blog. I've also contemplated not blogging at all, but have found it useful to have an outlet for my latent bitchery, as well as my more creative crankery. I suppose this is the outlet.

It's not GFI-equipped, though, so careful with that glass of wine.


  1. Merry christmas and a very happy new year.
    Nice blog.

  2. Made a comment a few minutes's not here...I'll try to essence:

    Aha! You didn't think we would catch up with you, did you. Gotcha.

    This is good because I was sorely missing a little crankery and well, you do it sooooo well.

    Out the door with my own shiraz, so more later.

    Happy new year to you. Very glad you could make it.

  3. J - getting caught is half the fun!

  4. It's so good to see your new place. I brought Malbec though. Will that do after the shiraz is gone?

  5. oops, that's my blogger location on Gay Fathers, but you also know I am over here at wordpress. Damn, that's me all over.


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