Sunday, June 5, 2011

Now, Where Was I . . .?

I wasn't raptured. And I wasn't around to notice the alleged Blogger quirkiness some have reported. I didn't leave my heart in San Francisco, nor my brain in Boston (although I may have dropped my motivation somewhere along I-81 in Virginia). I haven't been contemplating a run for public office. No, I guess the only explanation/excuse I have for not posting lately is that I'm sitting in a big ol' pile of meh and it's just too much trouble to dig myself out of it.

The unseasonably hot weather isn't helping any. Being a pale Nordic type, I am disinclined to engage in anything more strenuous than holding open the pages of a good book once the temperatures rise above 80. So at least I've been doing a fair bit of reading (Art Life Chooks, The Tao of Pooh (again), The Lost Continent...)

Another part of the problem is feeling overwhelmed by the number of un-checked-off tasks on my to-do list. (But hey, at least I got the Christmas decorations put away before Easter!) But I've been working on this, choosing to believe that focusing on one task at a time will yield greater success than trying to do it all at once. Of course this means prioritizing those tasks...

Maybe a simplified "To Do" list is the answer: