Sunday, June 20, 2010

a month of "meh"

It's come to this folks: I'm reduced to an inarticulate shell of a wench. Stressed-out and sleepless, I now resort to posting kitteh pictures from that cheezburger site in a lame attempt to maintain some sort of presence in the blogosphere.

Alas, this state of ennui is all too familiar to me once the end of June rolls around. Long-time readers may recall the despairing post I wrote last summer when I struggled to maintain my sanity in the face of the demands of my job. Enthusiasm eludes me. I'm gearing up for an entire month -- 5 weeks, actually -- of "meh."

Since I will be working for the next 13 days straight (at least), I don't forsee having much time or energy available to wring any witty verbiage from my poor, overtaxed grey matter. But I do expect to find a few moments to take refuge in the words and images that others cast to the interwebs. To that end, I am launching a new project, "the daily meh," where I hope you will come visit & commiserate with me.

It'll be kind of like a party, except not.


  1. I knew I wasn't alone . . .

    Monday meh.

  2. At least you get to be meh in the most beautiful corner of the world... that's something at least.

    Back when I lived in Watauga County, I went through some pretty bad shit (totally different from your job stuff, but bear with me), and one of the things that saved me was the mere fact of being there. I worked at Blue Ridge Bedrooms and spent a lot of my time driving around the High Country delivering beds and such.

    One afternoon I was going up Beech Mountain and the view -- well, I realized that it was impossible to be too depressed when surrounded by such beauty.


  3. Bob -- heh.

    Actually you are right - there is no place I'd rather be depressed than the "high country." Well, except maybe Puerto Rico...

    And it is kind of fun to see the area through the eyes of the folks who come here from TX & Cali & other far-flung places. Maybe I just need a good case of amnesia to fully appreciate everyting anew.

    But still...13 days straight work! And that doesn't even get me halfway through the institute.

    Meh to the ehnth.

  4. Oh my God, more pressure to...deliver. Two weeks of rain, every day...8 inches worth...4 of them in the last 36 hours. An inch of water in part of my basement. Dripping in my oldest daughter's closet. More on the way, and now I need to keep up with meh.

    lst meh of JJ.

  5. Jaded - stop complaining or I'll get Punch to do the math and figure out how much snow you'd be shoveling if it was February...

    But seriously, that doesn't sound fun at all. The weather is really wacko -- we've got entirely too much heat & humidity for June. Can hardly wait to see what August has in store for us.

    Good luck bailing!

  6. The ultimate threat. Punch with a calculator, except in his case he hasn't caught up with's still a slide rule.

  7. Incidentally intell, my primo, studly (he thinks...although he has been fixed...and although my wife thinks he is gay), my cat, pseudo studly Pablo, wants to know who the hot number in the photo is.

  8. Tell Pablo that's Maurice. He has also been reproductively dehanced.

  9. "...who the hot number in the photo is."
    Number one thing a question ends in a question mark!
    Number two think, an emphatic statement ends with an exclamation point.
    Number three thing, a dangleing participle?
    Perhaps pseudo studly Pablo, would have asked 'who is that hot number in the photo?'
    See how it goes? JJ!

    Love your meh month Intelli.

  10. Intell---which re-enforces my wife's theory.

    El Puncho, number two think (sic)...think, before you type!

    Number three that there dangleing thing the same as a dangling think particycle?

    Number four thing...meh!

  11. Number five thing, it's thirty minutes past ten and I'm going to bed.

    More meh tomorrow...

  12. Mehbe I'll read it, and mehbe I won't.

  13. Be of good cheer, hang in there and keep them coming. We'll be here.

    Many cheers!



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