Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1000 words + 1


Painting by Joseph Lorusso, found here.


  1. Well, I understand that you aren't OK, but not that bad, and you aren't in the mood to talk about it, and that this is about you...nevertheless, I like the painting.

    Ahem, is it someone we know? ;-)

  2. Meh.

    Actually it's mainly work. And insomnia. And subsidizing my dentist's children's education while paying for my own kid's...

    But you're right, it's not that bad: I'd feel much, much worse if I watched the news.

    I thought the painting was a fine expression of how I feel.

  3. I actually meant the painting...red hair, etc.

    I don't recommend watching the news...new faces, same ol' fuck all of you corporate, government stuff.

    Wait, now that you mention it...it occurs to me that my children's dentist is in a whopping higher income bracket than I, and in addition to our already steep depth to her, we have another 4 grand staring us in the face come the fall (impacted tooth, braces and dental floss). THAT'S JUST ONE KID!

    Why you do this to me?

  4. PE...I knew you'd understand.

    Jaded, sorry I didn't understand. Not sleeping will do that. But no, not moi in the painting -- I'm more of a strawberry blonde. Actually looking more and more blonde with these, ahem, highlights that keep growing in.

    Hey, with any luck one of the girls will decide to be a dentist, and you can belatedly recoup your losses. After you put her through med school, that is ;-)

  5. Intelli...I have waited all day to post.
    Well, I woke up this morning, oh yeah.....
    (oh god, please let me hush)
    and visited your site (beat, beat)and clicked the 'here' button.
    I thought I was in a Ringling Bros museum of clowns.
    What is with the f*&%$#g red noses. I wanted to give every one a hanky. 1000 words my ass more like a thousand red noses.

    I thought I missed the point, and now I know for sure.

  6. Aw, c'mon Punch. You know the poem, "My love is like a red, red nose..."

    You don't?

    Actually the "here" was just to give the artiste credit. Sorry it messed with your head. I don't like clowns, either.

  7. Oh, good God...do not humor him, intell. Hey, boy...it goes like this..."a nose by any other name, is still a nose." Geez.

    Missed the point? Har.

  8. I believe it goes:
    A nose by any other color smells just a sweet.

  9. Eeeeegods. This can't be happening. I'm actually participating in this?


  10. Reminds me of Hopper's work.

    Only it's more depressing, which is quite the accomplishment :-)

    I hope you soon feel sunny, and happy. That you spontaneously dance a jig, sing a tune, or eat something wonderfully decadent singing an ode to your dentist all the way, "Take that! You tartar obsessed Cash Vampire! I fear you not at all!" as you eat taffy, or fudge. Or fudge with nuts and taffy and ...and...epoxy.

    Yummy epoxy. Hey, it could happen.

    And when you're done doing that, I hope you put on Vampire Weekend and sing along to Oxford Comma ...on a University Campus. Outside the English Department.

    Woo hoo!

    I've had too much cold medicine, by the way.

  11. You guys remind me of people who analyze Bob Dylan. She looks hungover to me. Which is exactly how I feel. Oh, I forgot, I am hungover.

  12. Yes but we care about intell, C.

  13. Ah, yes, don't we all? A laugh a day keeps the blues away.

  14. That's it? What is this mellow yellow approach? C, is that really you?

  15. Shimp- Your recommendations have been duly noted. I can't imagine having the energy for all that, however -- unless you share those cold meds ;-)

    Mr. C - Knowing that I personally am not hungover makes me feel somewhat better.

    Jaded - Meh.


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