Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wienerdog Wednesday, Nothin' Sadder than a Broken Wiener edition

So, yeah. Just when I thought that maybe no other shit was gonna hit the fan, my wiener got broken last Friday.

Scooter Pie has Inter-Vertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), the bane of many long-bodied, short-legged dogs. She has had several episodes since she was a "pup" of 7, but this time it's pretty severe. Initially I was afraid her hindquarters would be paralyzed, but she is slowly regaining stability in her rear.

As much as I love the critter, though, I wouldn't and couldn't pay over $1000 for surgery, especially for a 12-year old dog. So, the conservative therapy is steroids and pain meds and crate rest. Here Scooter is taking a break from the crate and watching a YouTube video of birds, since she hasn't been able to go outdoors and enjoy her birdwatching hobby.

Let's hope Ms. Pie has a swift and complete recovery! And if not complete, we can explore the possibility of getting her her very own Wienermobile:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Glass Half Full . . .

. . . Bottle Half Empty !     

It's been one of those months - and then some. The most positive spin I've been able to put on all the crap I've been dealing with is "It could be worse."

And then, sure enough, it gets worse.