Sunday, June 5, 2011

Now, Where Was I . . .?

I wasn't raptured. And I wasn't around to notice the alleged Blogger quirkiness some have reported. I didn't leave my heart in San Francisco, nor my brain in Boston (although I may have dropped my motivation somewhere along I-81 in Virginia). I haven't been contemplating a run for public office. No, I guess the only explanation/excuse I have for not posting lately is that I'm sitting in a big ol' pile of meh and it's just too much trouble to dig myself out of it.

The unseasonably hot weather isn't helping any. Being a pale Nordic type, I am disinclined to engage in anything more strenuous than holding open the pages of a good book once the temperatures rise above 80. So at least I've been doing a fair bit of reading (Art Life Chooks, The Tao of Pooh (again), The Lost Continent...)

Another part of the problem is feeling overwhelmed by the number of un-checked-off tasks on my to-do list. (But hey, at least I got the Christmas decorations put away before Easter!) But I've been working on this, choosing to believe that focusing on one task at a time will yield greater success than trying to do it all at once. Of course this means prioritizing those tasks...

Maybe a simplified "To Do" list is the answer:


  1. I read somewhere that people who single task live longer. It would seem that focusing on the basic three displayed might go a long way to accomplishing that goal. But one must raise the question, is it any fun?

  2. Mr. C, prioritizing the basic 3 gives me the energy to do more :-) Unfortunately, lately I'm only managing 2 out of the 3.

  3. How can you be sure you were not raptured? Chaz was. Read his blog. And apparently...he came back. Which leads me to believe that the rapture thingy is flawed. Why the deuce would the man send some back? WTF? A mistake?

    What I am trying to say is, just hang on...forget the list...chill out...and wait for October 21st...or 2012 when the Mayan Calendar goes amuk.

    On the other hand, you can vote Republican and help bring about the end times a few months earlier in 2012.

  4. jj, I'm fairly certain heathens don't rank high on the "To Be Raptured" roster. Besides, nothing I've experienced in the last 2 weeks was even remotely "rapturous." Except maybe those red velvet cakes Lizette brought to the Memorial Day picnic.

  5. I believe the Victorian term for this weather and this condition--at least as I experience it--is "enervated." I'm very excited about Victorianism.

    As my mother repeatedly advised me, Don't push yourself. Those who are used to living in the tropics believe in siesta...and we might as well get used to it.

  6. Look guys, we're all old enough to know the essentials to living, if not life... SEX, DRUGS, ROCK N ROLL!

    Well... these days I won't even go into the first thing. The second thing now comes from the pharmacy and the third is about a limp as the first.

    Damn. Now I'm depressed. Think I'll go back to smoking pot.

    BTW, contrary to what JJ says, the Rapture thingy is not flawed, it was just that it works the opposite of what we thought. It was the heathens who went away. I was sent back because I'm pretty much a light weight heathen. Punch on the other hand, is a goner. Apparently this purgatory thingy has a strong basis in truth.

  7. I can tell you pal (sic), Chuck (sic), ain't (sic) no (sic) heathens here on my street gone anydamnwhere (sic). God is going to fuck you up Charles.

  8. All you need to do in life is pay your taxes and die. But no fun is specified in the middle, let alone at either end.

  9. Nance - Who knew the Victorians were good for anything except fancy houses? Oh, and I do like the concept of the siesta - especially at the office!

    Mr. C, how could I forget the holy trinity??? But then again, I'm only workin' 2 out of three...

    (jj sounds like he's sorry he missed out on being raptured. I am pretty sure the rapture won't visit Nebraska, though.)

    Doug, maybe I'll declare myself a corporation -- that way I own't have to even pay taxes!!

  10. Ah, I can so identify with this. I need a return to a simpler list. Love the graphic too.

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  12. Hi, David! Thanks for putting my blog on your "To Do" list :-)

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  13. Intell, the dude said for me, I've said after visiting here that your posts are stuffed with a great opposed to Charleston's, of course.

  14. jj, and your blog is stuffed full of it, too!

  15. Ha ha ha ha...I knew if I gave somebody the opening, they'd take it. And thanks, btw ;-)

  16. simple task, i want too. but imposible for me living at developing country. :(

  17. add holiday and travel to your task, it will be fun and enjoy life. lol!

  18. these look like damn fine priorities to me!!

    on the doo doo list... i often find that completing discrete tasks is quite satisfying; so much of my life is based in time based stuff that is always in process and seldom has a "real" ending.... only natural next step. doing a task, that's nice.

    btw, i am at a conference right now, hosted at the university of saskatchewan... the t-shirts sold in the bookstore for students in session have the following motto: eat, sleep, read.
    resonant, yes?

  19. By the way, I too love the Tao of Pooh, and have read it multiple times. I have been wanting to read Art, Life, Chooks. I was following her blog for a while. Was that back on Journalspace? Maybe you recall. I'd like to find that again.

    I haven't read the Lost Continent yet, but I was thinking you might enjoy Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman. I think that's one you will read more than once too. :)

    Have I mentioned that I miss you?

  20. David - sorry I missed your last comment -- too busy! Yep, Hughsey from JS wrote "Art Life Chooks." She has been blogging on and off on blogger, too.

    I need to get my own writing habit back, for my sanity's sake if nothing else!

    Dip your toes in the Susquehanna for me this holiday weekend :-)


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