Sunday, July 3, 2011

Post No. 222

Wherein the author posts her annual rant (see here and here) about the trials and tribulations of a program director charged with the happiness and well-being of several dozen adults who spend a month attending the professional development institute she manages. As different and diverse as every group of attendees is, they bring the same irritations with them year after year. You're staying in a university residence hall, folks, not the Marriott. Not even the La Quinta, for that matter. What do you expect in the way of amenities? Didn't the FAQ page, the blog, the email and the letter we sent all recommend that you should bring your own clothes hangers? Oh, and you were provided with information regarding transportation arrangements back in January, so why are you surprised that, because you chose to fly stand-by, there is no smiling university motorpool driver to greet you when you arrive at the airport a day late? 

I am no better at exercising patience when asked the same question a gazillion times, and my attempt at using humor to de-fuse the stress a colleague was feeling backfired terribly the other day. And I have an awful feeling that the worst is yet to come . . . .


  1. People like to complain, even at the Marriott. It's likely they get better service by NOT staying at a Marriott.

  2. Doug, I know that the beds are better at the Marriott!

  3. Gee, I've always had good experiences at La Quinta.

    To state the obvious...I think this has the makings of a rut, from which there is no escape.

    My best platitude...this will pass.

  4. Let's see. You sign up for a "Professional Development Institute" and you forgot... Doesn't that sort of begin with reading the instructions?

    Sounds like a long hot summer.

  5. What I really liked about her was her cheap sunglasses.

  6. I like the photo too.

    Funny, I was thinking about you and your grouchy charges the other day. Can't remember what triggered it but was definitely thinking of last year's rant.

    I do find it very strange that they don't read the FAQ's. That's just weird. I drove to a national/professional conference last week and poured over the website in the days before I left. I like to know what I'm getting into.

    Really, I think their weird.

  7. ... and sometimes, neither humour nor sarcasm works on stupid .... or really smart...ones. sigh.

    i just got back from three different events when i stayed on campus in res.... loved it.

    but, as someone who has organized other such events, i can totally sympathize with your post. gratitude?? courtesy? civility?? hah!

  8. jaded, I'm hoping it passes swiftly and painlessly!

    Mr. C - I don't care if daily highs are in the 100s once August gets here, as long as it gets here!

    Brett, that's more gold from the Life archives.

    Punch, you are ever the man of discerning taste!

  9. Bethany, they are too busy to read, I guess. And maybe my own p.r. is so good that they figure everything will be taken care of once they get here!

    Harlequin, I do have to wonder sometimes if they're intentionally trying to see how much they can get away with. But some of them are just rather special in their own ways. One woman this year keeps calling me Diane (I'm Denise, and there is no Diane in the program) and told me that Sandra wanted to see me in her office, when actually it was Susan. Maybe I should think up a new name for her ...


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