Sunday, February 8, 2009

I don't mind if it rains or freezes

I decided I'd better post something today, or else risk forgetting my blogger password. The week has been rather uneventful; nevertheless there was sufficient meterological excitement to make my day-to-day schedule a bit...unscheduled.

I took advantage of some down time to catch up on a few matters of personal import. I switched my auto insurance (back) to GEICO this week, after receiving my renewal notice from the insurer formerly known as AIG -- now they are calling themselves "21st Century Insurance."Apparently the bailout money AIG received is being directed at printing up stationery and signage with the new name, and not toward maintaining lower premiums for their customers. Their bad.

I am glad to be reunited with the little GEICO gecko. If my good driving record prevails, I'll be paying almost $400 less a year in premiums. This year, at least.

The intellihome also switched from cable TV to Dish, after yet another rate increase by Charter Communications. I need to figure out how these companies do it -- I'd like to be getting 30% more money than I was two years ago, too!

The past week also marked my practice of not watching the Super Bowl. I have a real problem with the bucketloads of money spent on these spectacles, and so I went instead to see the flick "Slumdog Millionaire." I have to agree with Jon Stewart's assessment - it was indeed "the most depressing feel-good movie" I've ever seen. No spoilers here -- but it's a worthwhile two hours of your time. Maybe it should be required viewing for anybody who's lost their job as a result of the economic downturn -- "You think you've got problems? Try being a chai walla in Mumbai for a day..."

So, yeah, I guess I do feel pretty lucky - I have a warm home to retreat to when the weather turns sucky, 250 channels of satellite entertainment to distract me, and an extra few dollars with which to purchase a dashboard Buddha, and try and keep on the sunny side of Karma.


  1. You've hit one of my peeve nerves, mentioning cable tv. I. DO. NOT. LIKE. CABLE. COMPANIES. Time-Warner in particular. I'm convinced all cable companies are in cahoots with the mafia...and local government.

    We too switched to satellite. Now we have 250 channels...two of which we actually watch...except when it rains really hard.

    BTW, my oldest daughter gave me a hanging rear-view mirror Buddha for Xmas. Just don't get one with the bobbly head...bad Karma.

  2. We are switching to satellite in a couple of weeks. I guess we will have a great number of channels by then... two or three of them we will watch.

    But only in winter or rainy days . . . We prefer the lake view :-)

    But the satelite makes both our computers an TV much faster and more sharp, I like that, tho . .

  3. Jaded, I am diggin' Free Speech TV. Plus the "Big Joe Polka Show" on RFDTV. (BTW - Your daughter is awesome. Keep up the good work!)

    Elin, I agree - TV is a foul-weather friend. It is also good for those nights when I have insomnia.

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  5. I have had satellite TV for two years. They seem marginally less diabolical than the cable people. I still think I pay too much for the amount of TV I watch, though. (OOH! My captcha word is "commode"! Weird.)

  6. Aw so you posted and that's a good thing, :-)>

    So, 4 hours ago it was 8 am my time, but add 3 to that and get 11 your time.

    I think you need something more physical when you get insomnia! You may think mind is in the gutter, but how about an excercycle?

  7. It's a good feeling when you seem to be in a little more control of your life.

  8. I have basic cable for Tyler's visits, but I watch the Weather Network in the mornings before I go to work. I can't have satellite, as the owner won't allow a dish, and I don't have a southern exposure anyway.

  9. Mary, I agree about the cost-per-hour-viewed. And I wish I could resell the half-dozen ESPN channels I get!

    jclouds, even when it's tomorrow, it'll be later here than it is there. And if it's Tuesday, it must be Belgium.

    Chimp -- yes, "seem" is the operational word there, isn't it?

    Doug, I think you have enough exposure to be able to get good reception, regardless :-)

  10. Neither I nor the guy have cable. Suprising as we both love TV. Netflix is our cable. Apparently, Chicago has the lowest number of cable customers in any major city. I think it is b/c the very flatness of the state makes it possible to get some reception.
    "the most depressing feel-good movie" Indeed.

  11. We don't even have a TV - we rock it so HARD!

  12. I feel lucky to not have 250 channels to choose from. I'd never get off the couch.


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