Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Case for Civil War

I know how to solve the US auto industry's woes.

We should bomb Detroit.

Since massive amounts of aid money follow any act of US military aggression, it seems only logical that an invasion of Detroit would bring billions of dollars of much-needed aid to the region.

And taxpayers would be less hostile to "Reconstruction" plans than they are to "Bail-Out" schemes.


  1. Won't work. It would require occupational troops. I spent four years in Ann Arbor, just down the road, and I can tell you there are areas in Detroit where even the 101st Airborne Division wouldn't want to venture.

    Good thinking though. How about D.C. instead. Then we could simply start over and do it right.

  2. BTW---take a look at my post "What If". I'm interested in your take on it.

  3. You're probably right, J.

    Plus the gov't never really finished their first domestic Reconstruction project.

  4. I feel so bad for that whole area.

  5. You may have to destroy the city to save it… oh, it's already been done. Are Americans turning away from long commutes in inefficient cars? SUVs here are used to ferry rich urban children short distances to fee-paying schools. Infuriating.

  6. Kate - I know there is - or was - a gigantic GM plant outside Toronto, too -- I would spare them!

    P.V. - The American male would likely sooner part with his dog & wife than with his gas-guzzling 4X4 pickup truck! (However there is nothing scarier than a 78-year-old woman driving her Cadillac Escalade to WalMart!)


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