Sunday, April 18, 2010

All About Me Meme

I am being a terrible blogger lately, but truly have been a bit busy with work and finishing up school work and honing my procrastination skills. However, April IS poetry month, so I posted a new offering at word art.

On this page, though, I took the lazy way out and offer the following trivia:

Name 3 things in your wallet:
1) Does purse count?
2) Because I don't use a wallet right now.
3) But my purse's contents include: lip balm, insurance card (yay!), and car keys.

Name 3 things you always wear:
1) You mean "always always"?
2) Does skin count?
3) And hair?

Name 3 things you do when you are really stressed:
1) Eat
2) Go for a walk
3) Cuss. A lot.

Name 3 career choices:
1) Restaurant reviewer
2) Travel writer
3) Philanthropist

Name 3 goals in 2010:
1) Pay down debt
2) Write more
3) Worry less

Name 3 plans for the coming week:
1) Day off Friday
2) Bike ride with Sis
3) Give the dog a bath

3 things I want in a relationship
(OTHER THAN love):
1) respect
2) laughter
3) communion

Two truths and a lie (in no particular order):
1) I don't like monkeys
2) My eyes are green
3) I once drank half a bottle of Jack Daniels all by myself

Readers, choose to respond as you like, or not. Of course I'm interested in you, but I'm not going to be pushy about it. Heck, you can just tell me one secret about yourself...and I'll promise not to tell anybody else.


  1. I'm not much for memes, I'd rather read youmes. However:

    1) Driver's License
    2) Costco membership
    3) Chain convenience store coffee card

    1) Um, skin. Yeah
    2) Just a bit of hair
    3) Oh, and finger/toe nails

    When stressed:
    1) Pace
    2) Pace some more
    3) Growl. Honest.

    1) Professional raconteur
    2) Cleavage miner
    3) Street photographer. The first two are a figment...

    1) Shed twenty pounds
    2) Show my photos locally
    3) Buy more teeth

    Plans this week:
    1) Work four days
    2) Mail a package
    3) Cancel a life insurance policy

    Relationship wants:
    1) Fun
    2) Warmth
    3) All that there touchy feely stuff

    Truths and a lie in any order
    1) My grandfather was a full blooded Native Canadian
    2) I was arrested once for public intoxication
    3) I don't wear corrective lenses when I drive.

    You likely didn't think I'd reply to all that. Sorry :-)

  2. This requires thinking, I think. I am confused...are we to respond in kind, as did Doug? And are you going to tell us which is the lie (monkeys..right?)?

  3. You didn't have to be so detailed, Doug, but I appreciate the info. I would have never guessed about the coffee card :-)

    Jaded, do whatever pleases you. You can answer in kind, you can remain confused, you can tell me something completely unrelated. Yay, anarchy! And I'll stay mum about the lie for a while...

  4. Pssss, Jaded -- my eyes are blue.

  5. Naturally?

    OK, my secret...I used to be a monkey, and then I had the tail operation. I am a better person for it.

  6. Yes, naturally. Except when they're red.

    Wouldn't it be cool if people had tails?? Wait, didn't we discuss this before....oh, well.

    I need to get ready for work.

  7. I don't recall. You have the wrong former monkey.

    Have a stellar day after the hump day.


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