Saturday, July 31, 2010

Life, liberty, guns, and teeths for all!

I've been too busy of late to pay much attention to affairs of state, but here in Tennessee one can't help but take an interest in the upcoming gubernatorial primary. The lone Democratic party candidate, Mike McWherter, is no progressive's prize, having opined against adoption by gay couples and for the teaching of intelligent design in the state's schools. (Why am I living here, again?)

The Republican party's half dozen candidates have unleashed a plague of mailers and canned campaign phone messages to households here in Bubbaville, but it is in their unrehearsed pronouncements where they shine brightest, some promoting secession, while others ponder whether Islam is really a cult and therefore not afforded all the protections of "true" religions.

But the shiniest star in this primary has got to be Basil Marceaux:

Swoon. I could just listen to him say "pwedge of aweegance to da wepubwick" all day.


  1. Brings tears to my eyes.
    What more can I say?

  2. Didn't he play the priest in The Princess Bride wedding scene?

  3. Amen and have a nice day, yourself Basil!
    Thanks for sharing

  4. LOL - even my 12 year-old daughter snorted at that one.

  5. Make our Australian federal election options seem so much better, thank you.

  6. Uh huh. I felt as if I needed to know more about the man after watching the scintillating video. I still don't know what I read.

    Come're pulling our puds, right?

    This has been building up for 4 weeks, hasn't it? "When I'm done...I am going to pull everybody's pud."

    You are an evil woman, intell.

  7. Punch - I think Basil should hire that comment lady from Jaded's post as his speech writer.

    Doug - I wish he was only an actor!

    Tricia - Happy to share - I couldn't dream of keeping this gem to myself!

    Brett - Please tell your daughter not to judge all Tennesseans and Americans by this example!!

    Barnesm - Good. Scary thing is, there is probably another aspirant to public office out there who would make our boy Basil look like Einstein.

    Jaded - No pud pulling here, my friend. I had to read Basil's Web site twice, myself. Well, didn't have to, but I could only take so much in one reading. It actually makes much more sense if you weed it awoud wike Ewmer Fudd :-)

  8. I wonder if the wabbit was also a recon maween?

  9. "Filed a suit against Soddy Daisy Judge for promoting slaving at traffic stops."

    The mind boggles! Can someone explain, please?

    iw - 12 yr-old has been appropriately instructed.

  10. Vole, you're absowootwy wite!

    Brett, the only explanation I can offer is that Soddy-Daisy is an actual town in Tennessee. I'm not sure I want to know what "promoting slaving at traffic stops" is.

  11. Say Brett, could be wrong, but my interpretation is, he was referring to the Ladies of the Midnight Mercies.

  12. Thanks jaded, I guess I was flummoxed by American terminology. I shan't pass it on to said 12 year-old ;-)

  13. I've been told he only has three teeth. I posted a few things about Basil, but after watching Jimmy Kimmel's interview with him I've developed a certain kind of fondness for Basil. At least he is what he is.

  14. tnlib, I can see your point. Actually while reading Basil's Web site I was so unsure of what his meaning was that I found myself wondering if he was actually making some good propositions. The everyone must own guns part kind of throws me, though...


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