Sunday, May 8, 2011

M isn't just for "Meh"

Happy Mother's Day

Alas, no breakfast in bed for me this Mother's Day -- intellikid is busily preparing for finals (I hope), while I prepare to pack for the trip Bostonward to retrieve her. Last year at this time I was wrapping up the Magical Mystery Midlife Tour, a solo sojourn that was celebratory in nature. This trip, my mother will accompany me as far as Pennsylvania, where she'll have some time to spend with family there, and likely make a sad final visit to her sister Lois's house, where Mom spent every summer for the past 6 years. I hope there will be moments of celebration for her, too.

If you've been following along here for a while, you already know that I share a house with my mother, and of course intellikid still parks here during school breaks. The 3 generation household (plus one dog) has suited us fairly well, although there have been minor power struggles between my mother and I, who differ ideologically on many matters. For some time, though, I've been working on honing that unconditional love thing, trying to be more accepting of the differences that in the end don't really matter. It's a good thing, too, because I think I'll need all the self-control and inner strength I can muster to keep sane while spending the day in the car with Mom tomorrow.

I hope I have 6 hours' worth of Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach, and Chopin ...


  1. May the road rise to meet you.

  2. Happy Mother's day, Intell! To your mom, too! 6 Hours isn't much in the grand scheme of things; I spent 3 hours in the car with Tyler, the soon-to-be ex and her friend, and then Tyler and I drove back over the next 4. Here I am, sane as ever.

  3. Thanks, Punch - It's going to be a looooong road!

    Doug, "sane as ever?" --Um, thanks?

  4. This is where that books on tape, The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs, you didn't read months ago will come in handy. Swing by the library on your way out of town. Alexander McCall Smith. Actually, any of his books are great for the road.

    Bon Voyage.

  5. I want to say consider the part in the car with your mother as character building time. Unfortunately, character building often involves time with characters of a different ilk. But as you have said, she is your mother, til the end. So happy Mother's day intell and intellimom.

  6. Mr. C, unfortunately I'll be leaving before the library is likely to be open. And with mom's hearing difficulties, it's better to have quiet background-type music. That way she won't know what she isn't hearing.

    Thanks, jj -- I'm building so much character the IRS is likely to tax me double next year.

  7. well, the classics can be enlivening....
    i love four provinces away from my mother and often wish i was closer. and when i return, i stay with her in the house in which i grew up. funny how as i get older, i enjoy returning to that house more and more.
    hope you all had a lovely mother's day.


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