Monday, January 30, 2012

monday meh

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
                   -- Langston Hughes, "Dreams"

Photo snapped at a local antique shop; don't worry, gentle readers - the bird is not real.


  1. It's too small to be a mehrlin, and too yellow to be a mehdowlark...

    But fer shur it ain't flying.

  2. @ choices never have a dream or take the chance and dream until you are soaring in them.

  3. My first thought was the Monty Python dead parrot routine. It's not really dead.

  4. Dead Canary in the classroom? Analogous of a coal mine? Education as we know it is dead. Or was it the Luck Strikes?

  5. Oh, lord, that's a weird sense of humor at work! It looks a great deal like a bird that was once real, which would make it a real dead bird, after all.

  6. Doug - fer shur.

    walking man - they haven't figured out a way to tax our dreams yet, so I'm going to get all I can!

    Jaded, good one! And this isn't really a parrot...

    Mr. C -- that is an excellent analogy. It's shameful that education in the US seems once again destined to be the privilege of the privileged, instead of a basic right for all. (I hope I'm wrong, though!)

    Nance, it was a pretty good fake, and I think the feathers were mostly real, but with a dye job :-)

  7. the poem and the photo are a good match.... and the education comments are right on.


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