Friday, August 3, 2012

Funky Friday, Wayback Edition

Don't you sometimes wish we had a WABAC Machine and could rewind ourselves back to 1972? Certainly, not everything was groovy 40 years ago, but even without my rose-colored granny glasses, for a good long while it looked like we were starting to figure out how to do things right.

WTF, people!?!?!?


  1. '72 the year i left home and didn't come back to Detroit for more than two weeks at a time for 8 years. yeah those were good days.

  2. I graduated from High School Hell in '72, just in time for Dark Side of the Moon, Tea for the Tillerman, Santana Abraxas, and quite a few other great musical offerings of the era. That Bill Withers cut was huge...

    Turn on the radio these daze and try to find anything remotely comparable. Good luck. Somehow I just don't think they'll be playing Bieber and Gaga and Snoop Poop twenty or thirty years from now.

  3. TWM, I can't tell if you're being sarcastic, but either way, if you went back to '72 you could either stay in Motor City or stay your past course.

    squatlo, I've been wanting to listen to Abraxas lately...but don't want to dig through my stored LPs nor purchase the CD...I'll have to choose one or the other before the month is out, though!

  4. '72, working at the arts, environmental protection tucked away, The Great Society behind us and Viet Nam soon to be. I guess we took our eye off of the ball and never saw the termites of sin eating away at all we had done.

  5. I'd settle for '92. I wouldn't want to do 17 over again.

  6. '72, on my way out of high school and on to university idealistic as hell and itchy for protest and advocacy. got lots of all of it and like to think that the best of it stuck....
    but, yeah, Lean on Me had and has a thematic that wasn't just corny, it was hopeful. right now, it seems that hope is seen as naive. and, as you say, wtf, people.

    personally, even as an unapologetic cynic, i still ride on that hope. maybe i am more naive than i like to accept.....
    thanks for the post!!

  7. Intelli--I left 4/4/72 when I enlisted in the Navy and again 7/28/75(my 21st birthday)2 weeks after a 10 month early discharge. The second was for a little walk about that lasted until 9/79. You could say I went off grid for awhile.

  8. C, maybe our faulty optimism let us believe that things wouldn't keep on sliding into the crapper, let us think Ronnie RayGun was just a harmless old buffoon...

    Doug, you wouldn't even go back to '72 for the cheaper gas?

    Harlequin, I don't think I would want to exist without some shred of hope, naive or not.

    TWM, I figured some part of your absence was government-induced. Certainly your journeys have made you the poet you are!

  9. Thomas Wolfe was right, you can't go home again. It would be nice to have a person to lean on. I don't think after what I have lived through I will ever have that again. The best I can offer is perhaps to be someone that others might lean upon.

  10. Punch, I sincerely hope that when you need someone to lean on, they'll be there.


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