Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Meh

Trinity Church reflected in Hancock Building, Boston (Source: Corbis)
Many of you know that my daughter attends college in Boston -- thankfully she has been in touch and is safe on campus, far enough from the scene of the explosions that turned the Boston Marathon's finish line into a scene from a nightmare.  
My heart is breaking for the city and the people of Boston. 


  1. A lot of us are far enough away to be safe, yet puzzled and sad.

    I have a shot similar to that, but not as artfully cropped.

  2. It's hard to make sense of this, Doug. I feel deeply for all the people who did not get the "I'm okay" call from their loved ones yesterday. Sad, too, but angry that someone took their hatred out on innocents.

  3. We don't need no stinking gun and explosives control. Not us! I'll wager this ends up being the work of some skinhead nut case.

    I have a good friend who ran the race. He's OK, thank goodness. Glad you and yours are too.

  4. Mr. C, I'm glad that your friend is okay, too. This was so unexpected.

    There are some sick and twisted people out there, but I remain convinced that the good ones outnumber the bad. It irks me that this will be politicized in an effort to further divide us, though, instead of bringing us together to stand up to the senseless stupidity. . . .

  5. I am glad to find out that intellikid is OK.

    A senseless, evil act of cowards is what it was.

  6. Thanks, JJ. Did you see Colbert's response -- it was marvelous!

  7. Glad your loved one is safe.
    I too am puzzled and sad that this need for destruction continues to be such a force and a presence. I applaud the critique and outrage. I mourn for the losses.


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