Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Meh, Nothing I Can Do Edition

Sad news this morning. RIP David Bowie. 

It's 11 degrees outside, and I just want to stay inside and drink tea and listen to his music all day. Meh.

(See this wonderful tribute here.)


  1. Yeah, that was surprising since I just a few days ago read about his new release and was thinking, wow, still going strong.

    Oh, did you stay home?

    1. No, I bundled up and drove to campus. I think it warmed up to 13 now, fortunately.

      I'm going to log onto Pandora, though, and find or make a Bowie station.

    2. I wish he'd done more acting work. He really was a good actor, but will be remembered as a fine musician. I used to put on my dancing shoes every time the DJ played "Let's Dance" at my favorite clubs. RIP :-(


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