Sunday, March 8, 2009


So glad for the weekend here. I like the work I do during the other days of the week, but my department has got to have more dysfunctionality-per-employee than any other on campus, if not in the whole state university system.

I'm not claiming to be the only sane one there (that goes without saying!). And like a bad relationship, sometimes it can take a while before you realize what you've gotten yourself into.

The job does have its perks, however. For example, at the conference I recently attended, I met with a couple of colleagues from across the pond who are interested in starting a program like the one I direct. I'm daring to hope that this means an employer-financed trip to Scotland!

What's your reason for going to work every day?

(Photo: ponies at Assateague, MD - 1981)


  1. Aside from rent money, food, smokes and going to the Toucan, no reason at all...

    I would rather be all artsy and bohemian, living out of a big old Ford sedan.

  2. it is quite simple, in a "free market society" our ability to exists depends on our ability to earn currency to purchase our basic needed commodities. Of course, my idealism has often got in the way of my ability to "earn a living" and I find myself once again near the bottom of the barrel so to speak.

  3. Even though I work at home and deal mainly with word of mouth clients, my financial needs are not much different than everyone else's. When I started doing this, I wasn't sure I could make a living working from home without a structure, and someone else drumming up the business. But I was so damned tired of the race, that anything was preferable. It's worked out beyond my hopes and therein lies my real motivation...not to work for someone else, every again, finances notwithstanding.

    The downside is, I don't have co-workers with whom to interact and grow close to. But, hey...who needs 'em.

    BTW---I am part Scotch...two parts...liquid and antecedent(ly).
    Never been there, though.

  4. As above, my main reason is so I can pay the mortgage and fill the pantry.

    The reason though why I go to the particular job that I go to each day is because it challenges me. I have a low tolerance for boredom and I am still learning despite having been in this role for 7 years. Never a dull day.

  5. Until you realize that coworker is touching herself (innapropriatly) over the new Harry Potter book, you just don't know office dysfunction.

  6. I guess the answer to that question was pretty obvious...thanks for humoring me, y'all.

    (redhead, or when your coworker doesn't erase their browsing history and YOU accidentally pull up "Major Melons" when the boss is walking by...)

  7. Long time no hear - all OK?


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