Sunday, April 5, 2009

Random rant with reward (see post)

I could have saved my boss a lot of time and trouble last week. He need not have gone to the trouble to get a colonoscopy; most of us in the office could easily have diagnosed his recto-cranial inversion.

Grumble. Bitch. Piss. And moan. One of these days I'll learn not to check my work e-mail account over the weekend.... Don't worry, I still have a job (and am still not getting the raise I was due in January 2008). I'm just less and less enthusiastic about the whole enterprise. Good thing I have a 5-day weekend coming up SOON!

At any rate, an apology is offered to my faithful readers who've suffered, wench-less, these past several weeks. Things in the real world are busying-up: Prom and graduation for intellikid are fast approaching, I myself have a paper due & a final exam coming up that require plenty of attention on my part, and various of my family members are experiencing medical challenges of their own. With the exception of lunch-hour glimpses at my favourites' blogs, when time permits, I've been tending to escape in the pages of books, rather than in the ether of the interweb. (One of these days, jennifer, I'll get around to putting my GoodReads shelf over on the sidebar...)

But oh, on those occasions when I do venture online, the treasures I find. (Do not stop watching when she winds down about 3 minutes in . . . )

I got to see Ella perform in the summer of 1986, accompanied by Joe Pass for the second set. Lordy.

However, just now I've got some thighs to marinate (not mine, sillies -- I'm making chicken satay for dinner), several more mugs of coffee to drink, two loads of laundry to wash, two bathrooms to clean, a chapter to read, two online quizzes to master, some yard work to do (and it's supposed to frikkin' snow here tomorrow through Wednesday!), and other numerous tasks to try and accomplish. I'll try and make the blog rounds, too...


  1. You have a lot going on. Good luck on the final!

  2. Ditto what Kate said. Enjoy your upcoming long weekend.

  3. Now that was the intell we've all grown to know and love...and miss.

    Har har har..."recto-cranial-inversion"...definitely going to steal that one.

    Ella mellows a fella.

    Glad you cleared up the thigh question...although, it has given me ideas I best not share here.

    I thought I was too busy to blogerate, but this shames me. You've inspired me to post something...even though it's a bit early for a spot of blogging companion.

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