Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gratuitous Kitten Photo

Ooh, look at the kitties! A temporary distraction from the less-than-cuddly realities of life.

The cosmos seems intent on delivering a message of some sort to me; during the past 24 hours I have been visited by what I consider to be more than my fair share of annoyances.

First, I started yesterday with one of those ice-pick-in-the-eye-socket sinus headaches that changes in the weather seem to bring on. That made me even tireder and grumper than I would normally be upon returning to work after a 5-day break.

I have been pondering how far I can go in pushing for the salary increase that I was supposed to get LAST January. Yep, that's January 2008. Because of bureaucreatic bovine by-products, not only has my pay stayed the same, but I can't even get reclassified to the proper job title on paper (or on computer, as the case may be) because the salary I am paid is below the minimum starting pay for the classification of the job I actually perform but can't get paid for because . . . oh, hell. Anyway, yesterday I was seriously considering just cleaning out my office, taking up my old position at the front desk, and wondering what the consequences would be. But because of the sinus thing, I just couldn't be bothered.

And with all that on my mind, last night I sat down to finish the paper for my Research Methods class only to discover that the folder with my notes in is 25 miles away, in my office. I did what work I could on the paper (i.e., figured out how to number the table of contents and abstract pages with Roman numerals while numbering the pages of the body of the paper in Arabic numerals -- just ask if you want to know!), and then decided to call it a night.

I went into my bedroom, and saw the dog chewing intently on . . . the pants to my ONE suit that I can't afford to replace. Yeah, I should have hung the pants up instead of draping them on the bed, but was in a rush to make dinner & get started working on that paper, remember? And anyway, our "geriatric" dachshund hasn't been getting up on beds unassisted for a number of months now. I guess there was just something about my trousers that made it worth the effort. (Now there's a line I never typed before!)

And the fun continues. This morning, in my pre-caffeinated daze, I miscalculated while going down the stairs and missed the bottom step, consequently wrenching my "good" knee. Looks like I won't be kicking any @ss at the office today . . .

At least it's Thursday already.


  1. "I guess there was just something about my trousers that made it worth the effort. (Now there's a line I never typed before!)"

    Lol, I loved that line. Things can only go up from here. I will be praying that your knee heals quickly.

  2. What a day! Good luck with finishing your paper and I hope your suit pants survived the dachshie onslaught. Try not to hobble around too much on your knee so it can heal. Hope tomorrow is much better.

  3. Amen, on the "at least it's Thursday already"!

  4. Kitties and dachsies and papers, oh my!

    I have a good knee. The other one is currently pretending to be good.

  5. Thank you for the good thoughts, fragilewisdom & Lou. I actually turned in what I considered to be a very rough draft of the paper, and got back an "A" grade with the comment that I don't need to revise it further.

    It's FRIDAY now, GirlBlogger!!! Now I'm just waiting for 5pm . . .

    Doug, my bad knee is pretending to be good, too. But my good knee is still being bad. I will have the weekend to ponder the implications of this.

  6. This is how bad I am - I totally thought the loss of the suit was WAY worse than the wrenched knee.

    I hope you're feeling better, and that you have an excellent weekend to make up for this past week.

  7. It would appear that I am a day late and certainly short in commiserating with your misery. Although, with the exception of torn britches (which rhymes with witches, and has nothing to do with nada---hmmm, except maybe intellibritches?), and the non-raise, it seems you are on the path of recovery.

    My wife suffers from the same sinus headache syndrome that you do. In fact, she stayed home on Wednesday with a "don't come near me, you bastard" sinus headache...which even a darkened bedroom, my soothing words, handsomeness and arrogant demeanor could not cure. Fortunately, we haven't a pooch...just three cats, so her britches are intact.

    One last unfeeling and crass as it may sound, I AM wondering to what part of the trousers the Hund was attracted. For future reference in case I get a dog you understand.

  8. I guess there was just something about my trousers that made it worth that old dog's effort to get up! (Now that's a good line ... better than 'what's your sign')

  9. kate, I bet I can gain your sympathy when I tell you my knees are so bad I'll never wear heels again! :-)

    jaded, you didn't really have to ask that last, did you?

    now -- I was debating whether or not to tell my professor that I lost my pants for the sake of writing my paper. I decided not...


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