Tuesday, April 21, 2009

By the skin of my teeth*

(*because I couldn't title this post "By the seat of my pants")

Faithful readers may recall that earlier this year I expressed the suspicion that I had cracked a molar. And, typical of events involving a likely large outlay of cash and/or encounters with the medical establishment, I waited to do something about it until I had to do something about it. About a month ago a chunk of said tooth broke off one day while I was snacking at work, and to make a long story short, over the last few weeks I have spent about 5 hours and a couple months' pay rehabilitating said tooth.

(If you're wondering whether that's a seriously damaged tooth, or whether I'm seriously underpaid, you're right!)

Yesterday I had root canal part deux, followed by some minor surgery (lasers to trim the gum tissue -- cool! drills to cut the bone -- not so much!) and felt entitled to be a wimp today, what with the pain and not sleeping much last night. So I stayed home from work, and after a breakfast of scrambled eggs I dozed off an on to the Science Channel.

I'm trying not to be pessimistic about this, but with my knee episode last week, and now this, it seems like my warranty is about to expire. It doesn't help that on Thursday I get to have one last birthday before the AARP membership applications start littering my mailbox.

Yes, this is a shameless ploy for sympathy. You know I'd do the same for you . . .


  1. Dentistry yuck!!! Paying for torture plain just doesn't seem right.

    Hope your toof troubles are behind you now and you can look forward to your birthday. Have a great day Thursday - best wishes!

  2. I can empathize with this one. I have the sum total of the Gold Rush of '49 in my mouth...almost every bit of it there ONLY after massive pain and denial. I was once told by my dentist that I had pushed the envelope to the edge of brain infection. That kinda altered my chicken/cheap attitude about it. The weather is too beautiful to be in pain. Smell the roses and read a book, you deserve this reward...shameless ploy notwithstanding.

    Oh yeah, the beginnings of AARP solicitations. I'll never forget that shocker. Me? AARP? WTF, that's for OLD people. They must have mis-addressed this invitation...jeez.

  3. At what age do the AARP things arrive? (I am in Canada)

  4. If I was in the US I would have gotten an app five years ago ;-)

    Oh yes, there, there.

  5. Ah, I know the worries brought about by our aging bodies and minds. I live the comment you make about your warranty. That cracked the smile on my face.

  6. becoming---50 in the US.

    Intell, I gave you an award. Check out my Bella Bella post.

    Of course, you are not obligated to accept it, nor even acknowledge it. It really won't piss me off. Not a bit. Not even a little pissyness. Not even a dribble of pissed off will I be. Nope. Not.

    Crying however, is another matter...and I am a grown man...who knows better.

    Just go check the damned thing out.

    No pressure, mind you.

  7. OK I have come hunting you down again...where are you?? How was birthday? Mouth all fixed now?

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