Monday, January 25, 2010

I know, I know . . .

. . . I'm a "little behind" on posting something here.

I'm waiting for inspiration.

(Don't hold your breath.)


  1. Were you the mutt, you would an inspired, posting fool by now.

  2. BTW Intelli... your visits and comments on our sites are as good as posting to us. Please keep stopping by.

  3. *waves back to Doug*

    Terrifying, isn't it, Mr. C? (The doggie's perspective, I mean.)

  4. didn't. did.

    The thing is, when YOU get REALLY get behind.

    I am not in a dog mood (more on that later), but I feel sorry for that mutt. They have a keen sense of smell, you know. Not to mention the obvious danger.

    Waving also, anyway.

  5. Jaded, nothing wrong with getting a little behind every now and then.

    I read your comment re: the new pooch in your 'hood -- you have my condolences. When I lived out in the county our next door neighbor raised some fierce chow chows. Luckily they never ventured into our yard, but they evidently thought the public road was part of their turf. Needless to say, intellikid didn't do much bike riding when we lived there.

  6. Thanks for the sympathy. Problem here is, we have driveways that butt up to one another (her house is the flip version of ours). My six year old likes to ride her bike up and down the driveway, and we hang out at the end, in a make-shift kind of patio. We're only 10 feet or so away from the neighbor's back door...right where we sit. The bad news is, this is a pit she just "RESCUED" from an abusive situation. I am having high angst over this crap.

  7. *Waves from a great distance*

  8. God help that dog if she farts ...


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