Friday, January 29, 2010

(Another) Funky Friday

(Relax. I've put the posterior-themed posts to an *ahem* end.)

This past Monday was birthday to both Robert Burns and Etta James. But as much as I love the egalitarian sentiment of "A Man's a Man for a' That," it simply doesn't have the same funkitude as "Rock Me Baby:"

I just read that Etta's a bit under the weather, but she's expected to recover. Hope so -- even if she can't shake it like she used to in the '60s (check out "Etta James Rocks the House"), her performance last year on Dancing With the Stars proves she's still got plenty of soul. (And I hope I'm that smokin' hot when I'm 71!)

Anyway, I'm hunkerin' down here in Bubbaville for the latest round of winter weather; we're expecting up to a foot of snow by tomorrow night. Provisions are on hand, but if we lose electricity I won't be able to listen to Etta while I dance around to stay warm. Hmph!


  1. I hope I can still walk to the bathroom when I'm 71 ;-)

    We don't have a lot of snow, it's the -4°F that gets me down.

  2. too!

    Damn, 4-below?? And you ride your bike in that??? Do you at least have the seat heated????

  3. Wait, wait, wait...we're in the minuses too. No snow though (rhyme not intended)...just damned ferkin cold.

    Yeah Etta. Loving that woman. Saw her in concert in Lauderdale...1992, 3 or so. In the vernacular of the valley...and my oldest...awesome.

    Charge up that laptop. If the juice goes, stick that Etta disk in there and warm up!

  4. Jaded, it doesn't make sense to be that cold without snow!

    I remembered about the laptop...and I could charge up my mp3 player, too. I forgot I had one :-)

  5. I had something snazzy to say, but Punch's eloquence leaves me speechless.

    JJ, I saw Etta about the same time in Birmingham. She opened for James Brown. I'll wager it was the same tour. Sweet Etta James. Yessiree!


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