Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's Official . . .

. . . I'm sick of winter!

More accurately, I'm sick of snow and ice storms that arrive on the weekend; I'd welcome a substantial mid-week snowfall, so I'd have an excuse to work from home.

Or stay home and not work...whatever.

With another weekend storm predicted, I checked the forecasts for places more southerly and beach-y, contemplating a mini-vacation, even if it means spending some of my income tax refund before I've figured out how much it'll be. Alas, the same system that will bring frozen precipitation to Bubbaville is predicted to bring rain to the coast, too.

Oh, well. Food Lion has mangoes on sale this week, and I've got an unopened fifth of rum in the cabinet. I can turn up the thermostat on the gas fireplace and pretend I'm . . . somewhere else.


  1. How does it go?
    'Chance favor the prepaired mind?

  2. We've had a bland winter so far, but there's still time left for a road-closing, work-stopping storm yet.

  3. Punch, do you mean "pre-paired" as in the pairing of mangoes & rum, or "prepared" as in having mangoes & rum already on hand? Either way, I can't get anything Pasteur notice, can I?

    Doug, when I was up your way in May '06 it snowed, so yeah, there's plenty of time left :-)

  4. You must have been slightly north or west of Toronto. They have weird weather.

  5. We were antique shopping somewhere between Port Hope & Coburg.

  6. One must say, corposponding with a intellegent winch is the bain of any pour speller's existance.

  7. *grin*
    I just want to make sure I understand you, Punch. (When was the last time a woman told you that?)

  8. Interesting you should say that. You are up to here with the snow and I am up to here with the sun. It has been so hot, I fell I am melting in and out. Barely able to sleep. Do you want to trade for just a while? For I know I am going to b. about the snow after the first storm...

    Cheers anyway.


  9. Thanks for the interest Intelli. If I recall correctly the last time a woman said anything close to 'I just want to make sure I understand you' was just after I "said we are done!" Had to say it twice, (at her direction) never saw her again. (ahem) Well I did not mean 'that kinda' done, but all I felt was a cool breeze in the air.
    Thanks for the grin.
    BTW...Her response was very close to sounding like wsxwhx668.

  10. Mauro, we could trade for a day or two -- we're having ice today, which is definitely not nice.

    Punch, you have the makings for a blues song there. Maybe Etta can cover it when she's feeling better :-)

  11. Pretend...you are in Nebraska. No mangos, no tangos, and no pears, pre or otherwise. Just snow, snow, and well, more snow.

  12. No thanks, Jaded. I am sure that there are charms aplenty in the Cornhusker State, but there are lots better things I can imagine, too!


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