Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow Tired

Tired snow tyres try,

Clutch clutches,

Make no purchase;

Credit's no good anyway.

I need to be careful what I wish for. Two consecutive mid-week snow assaults have left me winter weary. All around campus folks have the look of battle survivors, having barely been able to lay their shovels down since the middle of December. Yesterday morning's 25-mile commute took 75 minutes, but at least I was able to get my cardio workout in during that time as my heart rate got waaaay up there while I tried not to do a 180 on the big hill up toward Boone.

If it's warm and sunny where you are, I don't wanna hear about it.


  1. You won't. It's not. Snow shovel elbow here also. In sympathy. Nerves on edge. 180's and cardio workouts are sehr gut nicht. Have a ______ day.

  2. Thanks for commiserating, J. It's not looking good outside -- and I'm "supposed" to have class at 5pm tonight, if the prof's not snowed in, that is.

    I still have that rum....

  3. Heh. I know that hill of which you speak... 421 in Vilas, right? I used to live on one of the side roads at the bottom of that hill. The only thing that's more fun than trying to not spin out going up it is trying to not end up in a ditch going down it.

    Believe it or not, I miss all that now that I'm living in the Tropics.

  4. Bob, you know the spot. I went through my whole month's ration of cuss words before I finally got up to 105. The snow was fun for the first blizzard or two of the season. Now Ma Nature's just being vengeful...

  5. It's sorta snowing here. We might get an inch. But it's not warm and sunny...

  6. I am awaiting Punch to comment on the current cold snap in his neck of the woods...65.

    It occurs to me that Doug is having the same weather as we here on the plain Plains...hell, I might as well be in Canada, and at least getting health care to boot.

  7. "we might get an inch..." nyah ;-P The eastern part of the county is looking to have 24-inches before this storm ends. The part of the county I have to drive through to get to work . . .

    What, jaded? According to Virginia Foxx (R, NC), nobody in the US doesn't have health care! I don't know how that b*tch keeps gettin' reelected, but she's one reason why it's good to live in TN!

  8. I always end up thinking around about now, as I find myself just fed up entirely with winter, that It's a good thing I left the East Coast so long ago. Here we feel ill-done to if a snowfall remains on the ground for upwards of five days. In New Jersey I seem to remember it snowing, and remaining white from November until March.

    The word "dreary" really begins to sound rather menacing at this stage in the winter. Thank goodness spring is around the corner, just in time to stop the lot of us from going stark, staring mad.

    Repeated-shoveling-of-the-driveway woes aside, the thing that drives me berserk about the act of shoveling? My sinuses could be almost uncomfortable dry while inside. Not a snuffle to be heard. The second I begin shoveling, I turn into some dreadful form of Muppet. Snot Monster.

    I have to venture outside with kleenexes secreted about my person in every available pocket, to even have a chance of stemming the mysterious faucet like flow.

    I swear, it's like a really gross fairy laid a curse upon me in my cradle.


    Bring on the spring.

  9. LoS - That would be an interesting kiddie show you could produce, there. (And "amen" to the Bring on Spring!)


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