Saturday, February 27, 2010

55 to 50

Fifty-five days to my fiftieth birthday, that is. It's not such a long time to inhabit this planet, in the grand scheme of it all. Still, thinking about those friends and family members who didn't make it 50 years gives me reason to ponder why I did. Or will, barring unforseen disasters.

I've tempted fate, fĂȘted temptations, and just plain made my share of stupid decisions that could have -- but somehow didn't -- end badly. But enough of all that . . . I have actually been looking forward to and not dreading this upcoming natal celebration. I confess that it's probably partly because most of the folks who've known me less than 30 years can't believe that I'm "as old" as I am. Still, I can't claim to look as good as most of the mostly-plasticized 50-year olds in the public light. That's okay with me though; there's really nothing like 50-year olds who look like 50-years olds, dammit.

Oh, and the illustration has nothing (nothing Mucha?) to do with this post; I just like it.


  1. love you
    little girl.

    55 days till 50
    will it be 66 days till 60
    say let's go for 77 days till 70
    well ok you do the math

    them there days are gone.

    finally you (one)
    has to say,
    Well what else can you show me
    and it just get's better.

    (so is it gets? or get's. or have I failed the class?)

    by the way JadedJ is a close personal friend.

  2. Hey Intelli, better make it 55mph to be sure you make it to 50yrs! I can spot you by more than a decade and can tell you, it doesn't get better, only more of it. But somehow, there's peace in that.

    BTW Punch, you're wrong on both counts... it's "gits".

  3. One decade at a time, Punch. Hey, decade and decadence seem to share some sort of etymological I'm not getting decader, I'm getting decadenter? Oh, I shouldn't blog before my 3rd cup of coffee... but thanks for the love, P.

    Mr. C, I'm sure some things DO get better. (Hey, I'll be eligible for Sr. Citizen discounts before too long :-) I get what you mean about the peace, though. I might miss my 25-year old body, but not the 25-year old head that sat atop it!

  4. 1942 days past 50 for me, and I don't feel one day younger :-)
    I'm certain that you will have a good birthday, and you will look even gooder.

  5. Doug, yeah, I'll look gooder, because everyone's eyesight will have gotten 55 days worser ;-)

  6. Don't worry about looking closer to what fifty actually looks like, after all, there's strength, and understanding of actual worth in that. The least important thing most of us contribute to our daily lives is our exterior.

    Something you likely know quite well, by now. I always used to joke that being 80 likely sounds ancient, until you are 79, that is.

    Which brings me to another point, as you ponder nearing fifty years....there are many, many people in the world to whom you are so young...and it isn't perception, it's reality.

    You are about to reach something they remember as being their impetuous youth, truly.

    I'll be 43 around the time you are turning 50, and depending upon the angle from which that age is viewed, we either both of us, wise and learned from our many years....or still learning the lessons of youth, and all its attendant rashness from others.

    Fun, isn't it? Miles behind you, and hopefully, many miles ahead.

  7. LoS - I don't think I've ever read someone articulate the idea that "age is only a number" quite so eloquently. Bring on geezerhood!

  8. Having made it to 50 and beyond, and in the process also asking myself why...why me. In particular I wonder at the people my age who didn't make it out of their 20s...most of them meeting violent deaths. My conclusion is, it's a cliche crap shoot. Nothing more. And I have finally quit beating myself up for it.

    As to stupid decisions, King Mango here, having done the Mango Strut on far too many occasions...some ending badly. But, I had to do what I did in order to arrive where I am, and who I am. So I have forgiven myself for those things also. And therein lies the good part of getting older for me, I no longer play the "coulda, shoulda, woulda" is unwinable.

    What I know about you, intell, from these few years of following, is that you are a rare and delightful wine...and you know how much I like the grape...tres Muncha (I can't help it even though you beat me to it).

    BTW---I have no idea who this Punch person is. Somebody connected with a British puppet show?

  9. J -- "But, I had to do what I did in order to arrive where I am, and who I am." -- I agree with you on that one, buddy! I mean, as regards me, doing what I had to know. And I strive to improve with age, just like our favorite beverage ;-)

    I think that you and Punch are the same person :-) Or twin sons of different mothers? Or different mothers? Whatever....y'all make me laugh.

  10. The second paragraph: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? What? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

  11. Mwah! You know I'm just being a brat.

  12. Bless you my child, all is as it should be. Move thee onwardly and upwardly.

  13. You see those twin roaches on JJ's logo don't you? I believe you've found him out Intelli.

    BTW... If you haven't already figured it out... you already can get senior discounts any place teenages are making the decision and running the cash box. To them, you're ancient. I was getting senior discounts at the movies for years before I was a "senior."


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