Friday, February 5, 2010

Funky Friday, Frostbite Edition

I feel good. The snow & ice storm has closed campus for the day, so I get to stay home and watch movies surf the 'net edit manuscripts in my jammies without distractions.

I feel good. The raise that I was promised when I took my present position in January '08 has finally become a reality. At least, it will be real in my next paycheck. Unfortunately it will not be retroactive to January '08, and doesn't take into account the increased cost of living since January '08, but I must be grateful for any crumb tossed my way, or so they want me to believe.

I feel good. The conference that I've been dreading looking forward to next month in Columbus has taken on a more attractive aspect since I learned there are two Chihuly exhibits happening while I'll be there.

I feel good. It's Friday!!!


  1. Congratulations - on the raise and the weather.

  2. Thank you, Vole. The raise isn't sufficiently early to allow me to save a substantial sum & escape the weather in the style I'd like to, but I'll manage somehow.

  3. Oh I love Chihuly. He was here a few years ago at our Botanical Gardens. Congrats on the raise and I feel good too.

  4. If only Friday could last the week

  5. Peach, one of the Columbus exhibits is at the Franklin Park Conservatory - I can already imagine being inside the tropical heat of the greenhouses taking it all in!

    Barnesm, but what about Saturdays?

  6. Wow, Skinny Legs and all. I did not realize they had motion pics back in the day.
    Just how did a feller like him get out on the ski slopes??
    I would call that video a still point between Mr. Chuck Berry and Michael whatsit. Nice.
    Now, are you goin' to Columbus, Ohio or Columbus, Ga.?? Either way Chihuly is worth the trip.
    Congrats on the raise, these days we, the working poor, take what ever the, idle, rich toss our way.

  7. Isn't that video a hoot, Punch? I'll be in Columbus, OH, where I once saw Chubby Checker's tour bus parked in the lot of the same Red Roof Inn I was staying in. I didn't see the man himself, though...

  8. you knew you would. A raise, Chihuly, J. Brown, a relatively new Kitchen Aid thingy, and a jug of wine (I am assuming the wine) is cold, but good. Nay?

  9. Jaded, the only way life could possibly get better is if that Bolivian Love Amulet would kick in ;-)

  10. Never heard of Chihuly, but I like glass. His works are like alien plants from Heavy Metal Magazine stories brought to vivd, shiny life.

    Friday was good here, except for the 40 min walk to Tyler's place to rid his PC of a trojan :-)

  11. Where on earth did you find that video? You know, the funny part is, I actually remember that god awful movie. That was back in the days when you watched a bunch of crap just to catch the one gem contained therein.

    Can't say that I'm feeling good, but I am feeling a hell of a lot better! Thanks to you.

  12. Mr. C, how is that much different from watching movies today? *grin*

    Glad you got some cheer here.


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