Friday, February 19, 2010

Funky Friday

Redheads rule.
Especially when they're Bonnie Raitt:


  1. I knew you were a man of discerning taste, Punch :-)

  2. Been listening to Bonnie since I was a blonde. I'm a red head now, only more "Irish Setter"

  3. I have been in love with Bonnie for 35 years or so now. Brings tears to my eyes every time she sings "Angel From Montgomery." Once saw her at the Fox in Atlanta opening for Little Feat... Wow!

  4. Uh huh! Would that I could, but alas...

  5. I have only ever seen her play slide, I didn't know she can also fingerpick the hell out of the blues.

    Had the hots for her since the video for "Love Letter" :-)

  6. PEN, I hated my red hair when I was young, but wouldn't have any other color now :-)

    Mister C, "Love Has No Pride" is her tune that wrenches my heart. (Man, Bonnie & Little Feat! Must've been some serious booty-shakin' goin' down that night!)

    Jaded, that's ok. As long as someone's gettin' it ;-) [I have no idea if that comes across as intended]

    Doug, who doesn't have the hots for her? I'll have to scan a photo I have of her for you from the time I saw her in DC.


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