Friday, February 12, 2010

(Not Quite) Funky Friday, Valentine's Edition

I'm just a sentimental fool . . .


  1. You might be sentimental, Intell, but you ain't no fool :-)

  2. My parents played Tom Leher albums constantly when I was a kid. He remains as influential to my character development as Mr. Rogers.

    Happy Valentines' Day, Intelli

  3. Fin, loves Tom Lehrer. We've listened to countless LPs and watched too many Lehrer Youtubes to count. I'm so glad to know that others are keeping the Lehrer spirit alive. :) Great pic for Valentine's Day.

  4. Aww, type the nicest things.

    PEN - my dad had a Tom Lehrer song book, so we were serenaded with such lovely tunes as "I Hold Your Hand in Mine," and that lively Irish Jig of Lehrer's. Good stuff, good memories! Happy V-Day to you, too!

    Bethany, I'm glad there are other fans out there! You & the Finman have a lovely Valentine's Day -- even if at a distance!

  5. Hehe, we used to sing this to campers back in the day, when I was a camp counselor, I never knew its origin before, though.

    I'm certain that the singing lot of us would be sued for inflicting emotional trauma on the camping youth, probably sometime after PETA had quit beating the tar out of us (in an ethical manner, of course).

  6. And I hit enter before realizing I'd neglected to add "Today" to the beginning of that second paragraph.

    Context? Who needs it.

  7. It's just as easy, and not so obvious, from one's own backyard. The bonus is, a stray dog or two occasionally partakes (I'm hoping).

    Hey, happy kissy day intell.

  8. LoS - I'm so tickled that there are a bunch of Lehrer fans out there, intentional or otherwise. What an excellent song to sing to young impressionable kiddies!

    Thank you, jaded -- same to you!


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