Monday, December 6, 2010

monday meh, F.Y.B.O. edition

UK illustrator Jackie Morris captures my mood today.
(Note, however, that a dachshund makes for a poor polar bear surrogate.)

Hibernation season comes early to the NE TN mountains this year. It's been snowing since Saturday morning. Wind chills are best left uncontemplated.


  1. It's colder than Mitch McConnell's heart. Brrrr.

  2. They sometimes that you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you.

    According to Jim Croce, anyway.

  3. Doug, the weather man says this cold air is all your (Canada's) fault. Thanks.

  4. For once, I can snicker at other's cold weather plight. *Snicker*. While we here on the plain Plains have dipped down to 9 degrees in the wee hours (this morning), we've thus far been holding in the 30s during the day, with no white crap. Tomorrow is supposed to be a balmy 45. Sorry, kid.

    I probably just jinxed it. I take back the snicker. Really. I do. No kidding. For sure. Please.

  5. I thought Monday was bad, jj - this morning (Thursday) it was 6 degrees F in downtown Bubbaville. (But without the wind, so it felt like a balmy 6 degrees F.) This afternoon, however, the mercury did finally rise above freezing, and there was much rejoicing.


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