Monday, February 21, 2011

On the road again...

It's conference time again -- leaving at early-thirty tomorrow a.m. enroute to Washington D.C.

Got any messages for me to deliver to our fearless leaders?


  1. Fuck off. Please help me with the wording.

  2. Punch, I could suggest they are suffering from cranio-rectal inversions and would best serve the public interest by using their free medical care to have it seen to.

    Or is that too gentle?

  3. Mayhaps only if you are detouring through Canberra in my case

  4. Sorry, Barnesm -- not this trip, I'm afraid. I can strongly advocate for pro-Aussie foreign policy, however.

  5. They have neither the desire nor the mental capacity to understand the thinking of the nation outside of the beltway so the only words they will understand are "free lunch that way" Then point them to hell.

  6. Intelli... thank you for that re-write.
    I see now why this is called the POST-Raphaelite sisterhood.
    A fitting name for the sisters, whom I dearly love, which rush in, with paper in, hand, waving and saying

    Please stop, wait! I have a suggestion…

    Just as the shots ring out from Security.

    Please post this on my tombstone (ahem)

    “what he meant say was…”

  7. Maybe flip them the international sign? Have a safe trip.


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