Monday, February 28, 2011

monday meh, leg up edition

Back from DC
With a wonky knee:
Woe is me!


  1. Sorry about the knee but from the picture I thought you were thinking maybe it's time to stop being European and shave them stems.

  2. Not until the daily high temps are reliably in the 60s, WM ;-)

  3. Bummer. May your wonkiness resolve quickly.

  4. The Wonky Knee? Is that anything like the Wild Leg?

  5. Wonky -
    1. shaky or unsteady
    2. not in correct alignment; askew
    3. liable to break down or develop a fault

    All characteristics of the place from whence you just returned. Coincidental?

    Other observations aside, I am sorry to hear this though. Do something nice for yourself, such as, getting a massage...maybe Swedish.

  6. Lou, thank you. That's what I'm hoping!

    Mr.C, it's probably the exact opposite.

    Jaded, you are correct. Actually, DC is a nice city. I haven't been there in a long time, and regret not having the chance to visit some of the new museums and memorials that have opened up in the last...too many years. It's the residents that are wonky. And it's definitely time to cash in that massage gift certificate from Xmas!

  7. Yep, you knead some massage, but don't go to just any old joint.

  8. Doug...careful...don't rub her wrong.

  9. Poor baby. I am sorry for your knee. When are you led to believe you can expect the problem to resolve itself? (Notice the caution I use in this question; modern medicine no longer seems to know how to fix anything for anyone over the age of 40. Um, are you, by any chance, over 40?)

    I am now officially infuriated by any and all signs of age and disability in myself. I tried to age gracefully and accept some inevitable fragility, but I've been there, done that, and I want full credit. Cause I'm OVER it. Ain't doing it no more. Done.

  10. Ow, Doug...laughter is the best medicine, but your puns are not FDA-approved!

    Nance, I still have no diagnosis - presently I'm waiting for my insurance company to approve an MRI. By the time they do, it might feel all better :-) But halleluiah, I DO have insurance!! And yes, I am over 40 - just over 50 now, actually, so I guess bits of my warranty are beginning to run out. (And I like the idea of aging sounds more fun!)


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