Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wienerdog Wednesday, Working Dog Edition

Via The Long and Short of It All: Wienerdogs take to the streets in 1972 in support of Bellefonte, PA teachers' strike.

Scooter Pie urges all canines and their humans to support education!


  1. Looks great! Gotta support education.

  2. Glad to see that Scooter Pie is doggedly supportive.

    I trust that "working dog" doesn't carry the same connotations as "working girl"...

  3. Glad you approve, "Joey & Maggie" - and thanks for the great find! Check back every Wednesday - I try to do a Wienerdog post each week.

    Doug, your trust is well placed. I think "Working Dog" is actually a category in dog shows, but wienerdogs are shown in the "hound" category.

  4. Got no dog in this hunt (as they say in South Carolina...way too much) of the wiener variety. But I had a dog for sixteen years and he cared deeply about education. So this is a non-wiener memorial endorsement:

    Snickers 'n Smiles, the world's dearest and funniest chocolate miniature poodle, and his People (especially his Man, whose second career was as head of a high school math department) support education to the HILT! And believe that all teachers in every state deserve the right to organize for the sake of collective bargaining. Dammit.

  5. If the world only had more wiener dogs it would be a... uh, oh well. See, we need all the educatin' we can git.

  6. Well if we're running with demonstrating dogs, here's one I took at a march against education cuts only a few weeks ago:

  7. So was this, do you suppose, a teaching or a learning moment?

  8. Nance, we need to hound our elected officials to give teachers - and all workers, for that matter - their due!

    Mr. C, if the world had more wiener dogs it would be noisier, but I think there would be a lot more smiles, too.

    Vole, I love your caption on that pic! ("Not a capitalist running dog" indeed!)

    Walking Man, in the spirit of Paolo Friere, it was a moment of reciprocal learning.


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