Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Meh, What-happened-to-Spring Edition

A Sunday afternoon snowstorm
coated Nor'east Tennyssee in a cruel reminder that spring is still 2 weeks away. I really don't mind these late season storms, as they're usually short-lived. However, I'm a bit leery of taking my still-mending knee out in the snow. Still, I can hardly tell anymore that my knee was out of joint, and I hope to be ready to kick ass again in no time.

(By the way, not everything about Monday is Meh: My alter-ego, Layla Eggers, has been invited by the chicks over at Hen's Teeth to contribute - c'mon over and have look at my her take on the topic of sitting. You, too, Mr.C.)


  1. We got the storm over Saturday night and into Sunday morning. Only a couple of inches, but our snow was nearly all gone before that.

    I'm gonna lay off the hen jokes...

  2. You are a good egg, Doug.

    Back up there to those three links, and then back over here to comment further.

    Sorry to hear about your knee.

  3. OK, so I only had to do one link.

    As to the storms. We supposedly are going to get 9 inches tonight (hey, hey, I'm taking about nice!), and I hope that's the end of it. The annoying part of it is, we had 5 days last week in the 60's. Now that is cruel, mother. Just do it or don't do it, but quit teasing.

    Incidentally, I did not see that wimpy burger guy, Mr. C, commenting over there at Momma lay your eggs. Coward. Come to think of it, no Punch either. Wait...nor, Douglas. Que pasa, muchachos?

  4. What storms? Sunny and in the 60's down here in Baja Georgia. Dogwoods and azalea's blooming. Such a beautiful day and I'm feeling so good I might even venture over to Hen's Teeth again, although not without some trepidation.

  5. Mr. C...Azalea's blooming you sound like Red Barber. How 'bout a fishing report.
    Hen's Teeth, Pull THEM! Did you know that if you go into a resturant, in california, and they don't like yo' ass, they can refuse to serve you.

    Meh my Ass. That Intelli Winch, Wench, is setting us up. Bring an ax handle, bro.

    Hey that is just my OpInIon, I could be wrong.

  6. Doug & JJ - I cry FOWL! No more chicken puns!

    Mr. C, the last laugh will be on me come July when you're sweatin' your buns off and it's cool and breezy here in the High Country.

    Punch, you'd better behave yo' ass over at Hen's Teeth...they put the fear of all that's holy in Mr. C, and they'll do the same to you ;-)

  7. See boys...I'm safe over there. It's all in how you hold your mouth when you're typing.

  8.'s not my mouth I hold when typing.

  9. Well, that explains all the misspellings...


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