Friday, March 11, 2011

Funky Friday, fill-in-the-blank edition

The funkitude is upon me this morning. Overnight I had two very intensely disturbing dreams, one of which I'm pretty sure I woke up screaming from. Or trying to scream - I hope I never feel that terrified and helpless in real life, needing to shout but no intelligible sound coming out.

I had a similar experience when I was still with T.M.F.K.A.H., but rather than help me out of the nightmare by waking me up, the bastard watched and waited, thinking my tossing and turning and moaning meant I was enjoying a fantasy lover's attentions, and he was hoping I'd name names. After I woke up and told him I dreamed that there was a homicidal intruder in the house, and I was trying desperately to escape, he wasn't the least bit sympathetic. Bastard.

But back to this morning: awake from the second weird dream at 4-something, I turned the radio on, hoping the lull of voices would help me get back to sleep. Instead I heard about the horrific quake and tsunami in Japan. I feel sad for the people there, and humbled by the power of Mother Earth. Maybe it is a bit hubristic to think that humans can destroy theplanet. While we are certainly capable of the deed, nature often seems much more efficient.

Speaking of nature, it's snowing again! But likely not enough to interfere with my trip to the airport later on. The bright spot in my day will come at 9pm, when intellikid's flight from Boston is due to land. Hugs will ensue.


  1. A Stevie Ray gift! Thank you so much! One of my proudest moments as a mother came when my son mastered the Stevie Ray Greatest Hits album on the guitar. I just hung around his door, leaning on the jamb, glowing and grinning at him.

    Have a glowing, grinning, proud, and fabulous visit with your intellikid! Hugs all around from me!

  2. P.S. Honey, I've just GOT to put that video down at the bottom of my blog in the Insanely Good Section!

  3. Well I know those dreams of helplessness. Mine are usually of me trying to defend myself against an assailant and not being able to raise my arms, or clench my fists, or use my army weapon (you will notice I did not say gun). No doubt a subliminal feeling of basic insecurity, as a result of my non-relationship with my mother...among other things.

    However, if it led you to SRV, it can't be all bad.

    I know one thing for sure...intellikid will not experience subliminal insecurity nightmares due to her relationship with you.

    I am glad you have something nice to look forward to, intell.

  4. great clip; i am also a fan. i know how much i look forward to spending time with my own "intellikid" , so i am most envious.
    i was mostly caught by the title of the post, and your line about the funk being upon you. somehow, this spoke to me in a way that was unexpected, and resonant. hmmm.
    i like the way you think and write, here and in comments i have seen elsewhere.

  5. Thanks, all! Intellikid's flight was delayed 3-some hours, but we still have until next Sunday to get on each other's nerves! And to get next year's financial aid paperwork done!

  6. I rarely remember the details of my dreams, even the ones of being helpless or paralyzed, unable to flee. But somehow, the sensual/sexual ones seem to stick in my mind...

    I have a couple of SRV CDs. The music is groovin', but I can't help feeling the funk when I think of him taken away from us.


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