Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Meh, Limited Visibility Edition

Tree in Fog

While searching for an image to convey the foggy conditions here this morning, I discovered the work of North Carolina artist Jerry Lee Kirk. The fog is definitely causing vision problems for me. I can't see myself going to work today. I'd rather stay home and look at art on the Web.


  1. His landscapes and "NODA" are definitely his strong works...strictly from a curatorial point of view, mind you.

    So...are you staying in? Calling in well? Wha?

  2. JJ, I have work aplenty regardless of where I park my carcass for the day, so I went where the money is... there's a 3-day weekend in the not-too-distant future, anyway.

  3. i love the feel of looking up into a bare( or a full!! ) tree.... and i love fog. loved this on both counts. thanks


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