Friday, September 23, 2011

Funky Friday

I forgot to tell y'all -- on my way back from Boston last month, I picked up my daddy's bass fiddle, which a cousin in PA had been keeping in storage. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the thing -- a friend who plays bass is going to tell me if the bass needs any work. If it is deemed playable without any immediate investment of cash for repairs, I'm thinking of taking lessons for something to do this winter. Not that I'll ever hope to sound like these guys....


  1. I am jealous. You will have fun playing the double bass. cool.

  2. Thanks, Punch - I hope I do have some fun with it!

    JJ, yes I got it in my Volvo. I have a V70 - I could transport a cool jazz trio in there.

    Believe it or not, my dad used to haul the bass around in one of these:

  3. I think that's a GENIUS idea! And I can just see you as a bass player. Let your hair hang down to cover your face and tease the frets. Do that little funky bounce/sway will be too cool.

    I think I must take up an instrument, but which one? I barely play the cellphone.

  4. Fretless instruments scare me. So do tiny engines over swing-axles.

  5. That was some nice music there--thank you! What a cute little car your dad had.

  6. Nance - good news! My friend says the bass sounds good. Look out coolsville...

    JJ - My dad's was orange like the one in the picture, and he named it "The Road Mouse." It had a soft top (kinda rolled back like the lid on a sardine can) that rotted, so dad replaced it with a truck mudflap.

    Doug, you don't need no steenkin' long as your ears work.

    Towanda, glad you liked the music. Three greats!

  7. Nothing sexier. I think you have to take up cigarettes though so you can do the smoky squint.

  8. Thanks, Murr, but I think I'll stay smoke-free. It'll be hard enough coordinating two hands and four strings...we don't need to add fire and cancer into the mix.


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