Friday, September 9, 2011

Funky/Funny Friday, Don't Lose That Number edition

About two and a half weeks ago I got the following text message:
Hey baby its ricky 
this my nanny phone 
it cost for me to 
text i love you 
please text back its 
been so long
I thought how lucky "baby" must be to have such a suave - and thrifty - suitor as "ricky" and disregarded the message, briefly wondering if this "ricky" was the same person who was trying to get me to accept his call from the Washington County Prison a few weeks earlier...

The next morning when I woke up there was a voicemail from ricky -- he loved and missed me and implored me to call back. Hoping to nip this in the bud, I texted back, "You have the wrong number." 

A few ricky-less days followed, intellikid and I were driving Bostonward, ricky called again. Intellikid answered and tried telling ricky, "Dude, you have the wrong number." After listening to ricky's protests for a while, she hung up on him. He called back again. And again. Finally, against my "no talking while driving policy," I answered and told ricky myself that I didn't know him, he had the wrong number, and he needed to stop calling. The young man insisted that he had been texting this number for two months and wouldn't admit to any error on his part -- even though it was obvious to all but ricky that he must have transposed numbers from his "cost me to text" phone to his "nanny phone." Possibly under the influence of some intoxicant, ricky became I hung up. And after ignoring the ringing phone for several minutes more, I had to turn it off for the duration of that day's driving.

That evening I turned the phone back on, and listened to ricky's final angry voicemail promising/threatening to come by my house when he got back to Tennessee. Something to look forward to! Presumably, either Nanny took her phone back and/or ricky figured out his error, because all has been quiet the past two weeks.

Hold on....someone's at the door....


  1. Probably that old flame Rick James....let's get freaky!

  2. Jaded, if you ever type that name on my blog again, I'll have to ban you.

    WM - let's get super-freaky!

  3. No, it was Rick Scott of Florida during one of his monthly "Work Days" where he pretends to do a days work in various industries. The call came from prison, where he should be in the firt place.

  4. Mr. C, in the firt place? Haf yu ben drinkin? Btw, watch yourself, you're going to get banned over here.

  5. intelli, you have a charmed life ;-)

  6. Mr. C, he sounds like a peach. What is it with guys named Rick?

    Jaded, let C alone. Livin' in Gatorville he needs to find solace wherever he can.

    Thanks, Bret - that is one way of putting it.

  7. these kind of semi-personal experiences are funny... and i mean funny peculiar as well as funny ha ha.

    i had a fella call me for a few days, too, until " i" eventually showed up wherever " i " had been expected. weird.

    hopefully he stays away.

  8. I stoppd txting becaus thr's no " " on my phon.


  10. When I was travelling in Europe 4 years ago, I received this text message (I can quote it in full because I've kept it on my cell phone ever since, thinking I might have cause to use it):

    "Hello c..t! It's trudy rudy rudy rudy! wasn't me that called u... Bear borrowed my fone last nite guess either her or her mate called u... So how the f...k r u"

    I was very amused, and responded that it had been a couple of decades since I'd been called one of those ...


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