Friday, October 28, 2011

Funky Friday, ZOMBIES

It's the time of the season for zombies -- and these guys are still touring! -- maybe they really are Zombies....

My Friday is off to a funky start indeed. The road between Bubbaville, where I live, and Collegetown, where I work, is closed due to two separate icky wrecks -- one involving a liquid nitrogen spill (someone erroneously reported a "nitrous oxide spill" on facebook -- tee hee!) and the other a diesel fuel spill. I think it's a good day to work from home....


  1. But, but, ahh but She's not there?

  2. What is really amazing is, some of us who were listening to them in the day are still touring, as well. At least in my case it's amazing (include Punch in that bunch to).

    I still lika da tune. Thanks.

  3. OK, drop the second is...jeez.

  4. Punch, no one told me about her!

    JJ - two isses are okay. You're okay, too, in spite of what Punch says. When's your tour coming to Bubbaville?

  5. jj, it's too late to say your sorry.

  6. Add an m and you have misses, which is what happened to my tour of

    Punch, being an asshole is never having to say you're sorry.

  7. nice looking zombies....i remember these guys as well. talent will out, i guess.
    apparently the furies are conspiring to keep you off the roads. what a nice respite when one can work from home....

  8. I downloaded some Zombies stuff. Stick with their three hits and avoid the rest.

    But let me tell you 'bout the way she looked...


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