Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday meh

Where did my 4-day weekend go?
Come to think of it, where did 2012 go?


  1. Absolutely nothing to do with your Monday meh, but I just read an article in the local rag which reminded me of you. The breed of dog and it's name were of particular interest to me...a wennie interest story.

  2. Let's have such a holiday, and make it a Friday.

  3. Being in a forced retirement situation i would agree with this sentiment if they changed the calendars so every day was Monday.

  4. JJ, I asked Scooter Pie if she was interested in applying for the vacancy left by Bubba's passing, but she's unwilling to relocate.

    Doug, if that's the best we can do...

    WM, sometimes every day feels like Monday -- does that count?

  5. If your Mondays always feel like Sundays or Saturdays sure why not?


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