Wednesday, November 28, 2012

If it's Wednesday...

...there's got to be a wiener dog at PRS! Today you are being treated to a recent portrait of the intellihome's resident wiener dog, Scooter Pie. Miss Pie celebrated her 13th birthday back in September, but she is in pretty good shape thanks to a new walking regime (we'll see how that holds up over the winter) and to our continued ability to turn a deaf ear to her pleas to share our people food with her. No doubt part of her good looks can be attributed to her strict routine of a minimum of five naps per day, too.


  1. A long haired weener dog, how cute!

  2. You would deny a aging old lady a few scraps of delicious table food now and then? Have you no heart? She pleads to no benefit all the while wondering what it was she did to be treated this way. Would you have her spend her remaining days feeling guilty and ashamed for having offended the people she so loves?

    How could you be so cruel to such a loving and beautiful wiener dog? Repent sinner for your Karma wheel has sprung a leak!

  3. She knows it, too, Jeffrey!

    Mr. C, you fell for it, too. Tsk, tsk. Miss Pie gets bits of imported cheese (granted, medicine is usually embedded within the morsel) and generally prevails upon me to share my apples and bananas and carrots with her. She has other dietary habits that are best not mentioned....

  4. I'm giving up Toucan-people food and do try to take frequent naps on days off but doubt it will help my looks in any way.

  5. Doug, maybe if you start pooping in the park....


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