Tuesday, December 25, 2012

'Tis the season...

Browsing through my photos yesterday, I thought this Chihuly chandelier, if rotated upside-down, would make an interesting Christmas tree substitute. There's something Dr. Seussical about Chihuly's work, maybe that's why I like it so. But there is also the mystery of how a material as fragile as glass can be made to take on the shapes, colors, and substantial presence that the artist imagines. During much of this past year I've felt as fragile as glass, but in spite of all the things that were thrown at me, I didn't break. So I guess that means I'm not really made of glass after all, which is a really good thing, because lately I've been having hot flashes of nuclear proportions, quite possibly capable of melting glass. I'm beginning to feel guilty for contributing to global warming....

Alas, that's the only thing I have to feel guilty about. Ain't misbehavin' at all these days, which would be less lamentable if I was channeling my energy into something productive. But even the small changes I'm working on take a huge amount of effort. I hope I have some oomph left for when it's time to tackle something really BIG. Taking the path of least resistance, as I have been, has only been leading me in circles....

I have a plan cookin' on the back burner, though. Of course, it requires the cooperation of various family members, and of my own body (especially you, knees....are you listening?) and resolve. I know I'm really pretty lucky and have had a way better year than a lot of people. But that doesn't mean I'm not ready to kick 2012 out the door. Next year has to be better, right?

Merry Christmas, y'all. Tune in next year -- I'm going to try and make it a more blog-worthy one, if nothing else!


  1. Hate to be the one to tell you this, but if the cops aren't looking for you, or you have posters with your face plastered all over the hills then there isn't much to feel guilty over and ...the path of least resistance is the physical way pf the universe, water does it, electricity does it and humans are no less a part of the cosmos.

  2. Sometimes you just have to say, "Excuse me," and elbow your way through. I have no remedy for the hot flashes but with some sugar maybe you can make Christmas ornaments.

    Merry Christmas, Intell!

  3. Mark, thanks for the dose of perspective. I guess I can try harder to earn my guilty conscience in the coming year! Peace and good will to you!

    And the same to you, Dr. M. I look forward to more creativity and irreverence from you in 2013. Are you up to it?

    Dug, those are pretty harsh words coming from a Canadian. Oh, but you did include the "excuse me" (and maybe I'll use sugar to make rum instead ;-))

  4. There is a world beyond hot flashes. A saggy, baggy, weird-looking world where everything is right again. (A friend once told me menopause will make you think you're mortally ill five times a day, in different ways.)

  5. Murr, I know it's just a phase I'm going through. I just hope that intensity of hot flashes = swift passage to the other side, so to speak.

  6. Doctor Suess is the best - or at least he was until he started getting didactic in his old age. Outstanding chandelier and/or Christmas Tree.

    Cruising your old posts, I saw Anonymous validated your work with some roughly translated compliments and an invitation to his/her website. Anonymous validation is all well and good, but I'll go out on a limb here and suggest it's even more pleasant and rewarding when it comes from someone you know (albeit virtually) Ergo: Here's a gold Christmas star from one academic to another.

    Much Love

  7. So sorry about the hot flashes. Too bad you can't use that heat to good advantage.

    I went to a Chihuly exhibit once. Fascinating! Felt that I was walking through a coral reef.

  8. great post, intelliwench. there is life after hot flashes, but it feels so far away when one is having a hot flash big enough to kill a large animal. anyway. hang in.
    loved the visual and the commentary. it has been a rough year in many respects. and the trials along the trail have been instructive.
    looking forward to the creative energies of the new year.

  9. I have nothing intelligent to say regards the hot thingies. But then, I usually have nothing intelligent to say regards most thingies (there, beat you to it!). Therefore let me say something kinda dumb and mushy...Happy Holidays ol' virtual friend. Whoops, wait...I didn't mean ol' as in old...hot flashes notwithstanding. I meant, er, as in, uh...nevermind.

    Btw, I am not ignoring your other message, just waiting until I have a less hectic time to respond. Among other things, the smallest of the JJ family is pestering me to begin the paper crumbling and get down to it.

  10. merrily, the bright side is that I can leave the thermostat turned way down and hopefully save on utility bills this winter.

    happy holidays, boxing day, and new year to you, harlequin. Here's to whatever adventures 2013 brings!

    JJ, I hope you have a great time with your kids -- the time goes by all to quickly!! I'll be lucky if intellikid is out of bed before noon today, but since it's her birthday I can't really begrudge her that. So crumble away!


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