Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Not Great

Tempting though it is to stay in bed with my head under the covers all day....all week....I don't have that luxury. What I can do is surround myself with good people. 

And start campaigning for Elizabeth Warren in 2020.


  1. Dunno--she'll be 71 in 2020 and the Millennials are chomping at the bit. They may have 3rd partied their way into more years of frustration or not voted themselves into more debt but what the hell they want power now.

    1. Valid points, Mark. I was despairing all during this election at how white and old and male our so-called representative government is -- no discourtesy intended toward you, of course!

      Things are changing across the board, and so the government must, too. As the country diversifies, that must reflected in our governing bodies.

    2. No argument from me Denise. I am the bottom half of the Boomer generation.

      I have long thought that due to the multitude of assassinations in our leadership formative years we were left without any clear and ready examples of leadership concluded successfully.

      We of the 60+ age group have certainly become a curious "mainstream" so very far away from our youth and confidence.

  2. I'm really just fucking numb. After going to bed at midnight, I got back up at 2:30, the result of running all of the ramifications of his win through my head repeatedly. And then I found out this morning that we definitely don't have the senate or house to ease the pain. FUCK and DOUBLE FUCK!

    At this moment...I can' find much optimism on the horizon.

    1. America is screwed. Period. And much of the world. But I have faith that HE will be impeached within the next four years. So all is not lost.

      Trump is a total liar and joke. And now we have the whole world laughing at us.

    2. We can take some time to lick our wounds, and then we have to get fired up....

      And I am hoping that the Dorito in Chief is found guilty of an impeachable offense within his first months. That's not too far a stretch, given his history, is it?

    3. Not at all. And just when I thought we could not do any worse than Bush #2: It's always something (as Gilda Radner used to say).

    4. Be careful of what you wish for. Mike Pence could turn back the hands of time for many people in this country far more and far faster than a Trump presidency could. Pence would find little to no opposition in a conservative controlled congress.

      Pence was pulled from the fringes of the Republican mainstream for a reason. I do believe that Trump may allow the day to day operation of government to fall to Pence.

      Trump throughout has been more style over substance, more personality over policy. There is reasons for concern I agree--but for the moment I say allow them who will protest, protest.

      They need room to organize their opposition and align their priorities to make a difference in 2 years, if they are truly engaged now.

      The simple truth is that Mr. Trump does NOT have a clear mandate from the citizenry, he won in the outdated electoral college and his proposed congressional reforms are already being "poo-pooed" by McConnell of the senate.

      You're absolutely correct Denise the dinosaurs of congress and leadership need to step aside. The older boomers need to retire and allow the nation to move forward to the benefit of the future generations while preserving for now those programs previous generations invested in during our working years.

      Social Security and Medicare being the two main ones, but IRA's and other retirement vehicles need to be somehow protected from severe market fluctuations as well.

      My greatest fear now is that we are headed towards a downturn that like Hoover, the administration will be too slow to recognize and too ineffective to counter.

      That's about it on the domestic side of the equation, the foreign policy side is just as, or more so, filled with uncertainty. *sigh*

    5. You're right, Mark -- I did stop to think about how much more horrid a Pence presidency would be.

      My hope is that the Republicans who publicly distanced themselves from Trump, along with the Dems, will be every bit as obstructionist toward harmful proposed legislation and policies as the current Republican legislature has been toward President Obama. Given the choice between gridlock and regression, I choose gridlock.

  3. What Walking man said
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