Sunday, October 11, 2009

Making amends

... to JadedJ for inflicting unscenic imagery upon him. Click here for something a little bit más hermosa, my friend.

Last year around this time I was forced to spend 10 days in a resort hotel in San Juan, working the conference that my employer sponsored. Alas, the only way to really unwind after working 12-hour days was to head to one of the hotel's 3 pools (or 2 jacuzzis). If that didn't relax one sufficiently, there was nothing to do but walk up the street to one of the local dining establishments to fortify oneself with a mango and rum concoction. Or three.

It was the best worst 10 days of my life.

Now as the morning temperatures here in the mountains dip into the 40s, I wouldn't mind re-visiting SJ ... but as a tourist. Alas, any income allocated to travel must go towards intellikid's airfare home for Thanksgiving. That's ok, though -- I'll just add a trip to San Juan to that list of things for her to do for me when she graduates and is making more money than I.
Or else I could look for a Sugar(cane) Daddy . . . .


  1. Ya gotta have a dream, Intell.

  2. Amends?? to JadedJ?? amends???
    i must have missed something?

    JadedJ? Amends?

  3. intell, you are a class act. Amends accepted.

    While on the subject of class, the opposite would be the lack of...which is spelled P.U.N.C.H.

    The photos remind me of my two trips to P.R., which I mentioned here last year. They both were working trips, the same as yours, softened also with concoctions of unknown alcoholic ingredients in Old San Juan at night...but with known ladies, with whom I was working, ahem. I have never gotten back for a real visit. However, as much as I would like to return, I would have to turn down the offer from a sugar daddy, or mama, methinks. If that occasion arises, I will certainly send him/her your way.

  4. Poor you. It's like that time I was forced to ride a Harley through the outskirts of Las Vegas accomanied by a Ferrari or when I had that awful 1-bedroom suite with the jacuzzi deck at a sales conference I planned in Lake Lanier, GA.

    Business travel sucks.

  5. Doug, so far they haven't figured out a way to ration or tax dreams, so I'm all set in that department!

    Punch, first I offend, then amend.

    jaded: yes, I remember you reminiscing about San Juan when I posted some pics from the trip last year. And thanks for thinking of me if a Sugar-person makes themselves known to you!

    edder, the truly bad thing about business travel is the lighting in the hotel bathrooms ;-)

  6. I'm with Punch on this one. How on earth can you offend JadedJ? And if you did, it's something to be proud of, not make amends for.

  7. Wow, that some serious relaxing. My only exposure previously to San Juan is that doesn't it have a hill that some American president had to take?

    Any takers so far on the sugar cane daddy thing so far?

  8. Mr. Chas... the jadedj I know is a man of refined tastes and manners. (Ok, not really.) (But I let him think that's what I think because he designed the awesome header for my blog.)

    Barnesm, you're close but not that close. San Juan is in Puerto Rico, San Juan Hill is in Cuba. Christopher Columbus landed there and thought he was in San Juan, PR, and so it was misnamed.

  9. Which of course is the main reason I come see my header. I miss it.

    er, intell...this is why the world hates erroneous information out about Bunker Hill and the red coats, to a red coat no less, and about me; I have nothing to do with refined tastes and manners.

  10. Your work travel is so exotic compared to mine i.e. daily commutes between one ugly city and another. San Juan sounds fabulous.

  11. Lou, that was a rare instance. Most often my work travel takes me to bland convention centers in cities where the weather is unremarkable. On the other hand, I was just contacted by an alumnus of our Institute who is at Unitec in Waitakere and is interested in promoting exchanges between colleges in our two countries. I'll let you know how that pans out!


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