Saturday, October 10, 2009


I've been eating plenty of fruits and veggies lately . . . doing tai chi and strength training . . . feeling pretty damn good, actually. So it was rather distressing that yesterday two people in my building commented on how exhausted I looked. Huh???

Maybe it's just the work environment that makes me look less than perky. When I look in the mirror at home, I think I look fine. Especially since I changed out all the high-wattage lamps for 40-watt ones.


Random observation of the day: It takes a very brave woman to wear white trousers when she's got her period. It takes another type of woman altogether to wear see-through white trousers and sheer underpants that allow persons following behind her up the stairs to see her sanitary pad.

(Sorry, guys.)


  1. ewwwwwwwwww! You had to do this to me? I waited with bated breath all these weeks for your insights and good humor...and now I have this image, much like a bad song, in my head. Please tell me you didn't actually see that? It's your sick humor...right?

    Let me say this again...EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

    On the other LESS disgusting note...Hmmmm, lower wattage...less light...mirror = ?

  2. If you a feeling great then it matters what others say, unless they say great things about you in which case everything they say is true.

  3. Heavens to Betsy. I've always wondered if there is really any difference between Nerves of Steel and Shit for Brains. Sounds like that brave woman in white pants has a bit of both.

  4. jj - I report what I see. Why should I suffer alone?

    barnesm, those are encouraging words. I think the woman in the white pants was feeling pretty good, however...

    PEN - Thank you for articulating the "Nerves of Steel" vs. "Shit for Brains" conundrum -- I've wondered the same thing many a time, myself.

  5. Yanno, you reminded me that there are a few things I dont miss about sharing an abode with a female ;-)

  6. Oh man! The visuals. Thanks for that. p.s. what's she doing wearing white after Labour Day anyway? Clearly the woman is unhinged.

    I try to avoid keeping "hag lights" in my house as well. I also try not to look at my hands or the toenail on my left pointer toe that's taking on a rather odd horned shape.

    Getting old isn't pretty and I haven't even hit 50 yet.

    new follower...thanks for same :)

  7. Doug, as I too do not miss sharing an abode with a man. (I do kinda miss his power tools, though.)

    Thanks for stopping by, edder. I am not familiar with the term "pointer toe" but I guess you mean the one next to the big toe. Great, now I have to worry about my feet betraying my age, too.


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