Wednesday, September 30, 2009

There's still time . . .

. . . to celebrate Banned Books Week . I'll have to carve out a few hours this weekend to observe the occasion.

Looking at the American Library Association's list of 100 Banned & Challenged Classics, I see I've got some catching up to do. I'm kind of hesitant to admit that I've only read about 47 of the titles listed...even more hesitant to admit that I've read all the Faulkner titles listed (for a seminar course).

(And who the fark wanted to ban Winnie the Pooh for promoting juvenile delinquency? It's so obvious that the homoerotic-beastial attraction between Winnie and Christopher Robin is cause for yanking that from library shelves! )

So tell me, what's your favorite banned book?


  1. We, the_weapon and I will in regonsiiton of banned book week begin reading Pullman's The Northern Lights.

    I agree Poo is probably the weirdest choice on the list.

  2. Gawd, just imagine how embarrassed I am to admit I have only read just over a third of them :-(

    My favs would have to be Sons and Lovers, Wide Sargasso Sea and Finnegan's Wake. Least favourite - As I Lay Dying zzzzzzzzz

    I commit to reading A Room with a View this week - I happen to have borrowed it from a friend a couple of weeks ago so I'll move it to the top of the pile.

  3. Well damn on two points: 1) I am not getting up-dates on your posts...grrrrrrrr.


    2)I get a page error on the banned books list...and I truly wanted to see that list so that I could find ever ferking one of them...and...READ THEM, if I haven't already done so. And maybe even READ THEM AGAIN.

    This upsets me almost as much as the clusterfuck that is going on in D.C. this week regards the so-called health care reform bill. Which comes on the heels of my insurance company telling me that my doctor cannot...CANNOT give me a prescription which states that I need to take an injection one a week for my RA, as opposed to the insurance company's edict, and self-serving wisdom, that they will only pay for the drug once a month.

    We have gone fuckinginsane. Book bans, medical bans and morons implying that our duly elected president is not a legally elected offical.

    Sorry intell, this post just caps (pun intended) my pissedoffness today.

  4. Me too... can't access banned book list.
    Now, let's be truthful here. You've read ALL of Faulkner? I can't believe anyone has ever read all of Faulkner. Come on, fess up. You're just trying to impress us. Right?

  5. Barnesm, I applaud your parenting priorities!

    Lou, I can't remember if I read Room With a View or if I only saw the movie. But that should count, shouldn't it?

    Jaded: 1) I fixed the link - my bad! and, 2) that absofrikinloutely sucks about your insurance company's edict. I'm as angry as I could be without being you...I hope you have some recourse.

  6. Mr. Chaz-town, I didn't say I read ALL of Faulkner, just all of the titles that were on the Banned Book List, the link to which I have now corrected. Sorry!


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