Monday, September 21, 2009

Things look different now

Faithful readers will recall having a recent whiny rant imposed upon them, regarding my correspondence with a certain individual via By way of promoting meaningful discourse between opposing factions, said individual proclaimed his heartfelt belief that the world's religions could take on the burden of paying for adequate health care for all, if the religions would simply stop investing their assets in new stained glass, choir robes, etc., etc....
I contested that notion on multiple grounds (some belief systems do in fact endorse helping only those who subscribe to the same belief systems, etc, etc....) and challenged Mr. Conservative to outline how he would see the health care system be overhauled while awaiting the spiritual enlightenment of the masses and their ministers.
He needed time to think.
Then, this weekend, a response: A college buddy of Mr. Conservative's is terminally ill, and because of inadequate insurance coverage, he will leave his family in substantial debt. Now Mr. Conservative is scared. His friend, his friend's family do not deserve such inhumane treatment. What's even worse . . . Mr. Conservative knows that it could very well be him in the same situation. His faith in the for-profit health care system is on shaky ground. And it didn't sound like he has much faith that his church-going brethren would pick up the tab if he fell seriously ill, either.
It looks like meaningful discourse has run its course....


  1. I think everybody is capable of compassion. What separates people to me is that some have an ability to empathize while others need to experience something first hand in order to understand.

    Nobody should be terminally ill and have to worry about their family paying for their death after they're gone.

    My pants go off to Mr. Conservative's friend's family in their time of need.

  2. You took the words right out of my mouth PP - it is sad but true.

  3. In agreement with PP and Lou. Unfortunately, I am a little more cynical. Indeed he doesn't feel his friend and his friend's family should be treated in this manner, and his faith in the system is shaken. But, does he feel the same about the millions of others who are experiencing the same such inhumane treatment, and have been for many long years? I wonder.

  4. It does seem like he's a bit of an elitist. Oh well, life sucks equally hard for everyone who's sick.

    I am sorry his friend and his family has to go through this, though. I'm a cynic, too, but not completely cold.

  5. Well it might be my
    night to rant, but
    I say let this silly
    (fill in the blank) and his friend take a majic Carpet
    ride down the Disney hump to shock and awe. Maybe then
    he will see that god and
    church people don't give a damn about you.
    Well unless it profits
    them. Fuck
    'em and
    the horses they rode in upon.

  6. Punch, I wish you'd just write what you really feel. Stop holding back...

  7. Unrelated to your entry, (I seem to do that a lot) I wanted to let you know I finally posted about the award. Thank you again.

  8. I await to read further developments on this issue.

  9. I'm certainly as cynical as jadedj. If you took away the personalized element that directly effects him, he would not care about their plight at all. Like so many people, Mr Conservative is in need of an ideology makeover.

  10. Kyle, what a great idea for a reality show: Extreme Ideology Makeover!


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