Monday, September 14, 2009

Skirting the issues

While some of you have seen your e-mail inboxes filled with generous offers from Nigerian businessmen, mine has been woefully empty. But I did get an interesting proposition this weekend.

I recently reactivated my account just to make sure that there were still no interesting (or interested) unattached males within a 100-mile radius of my domicile. Saturday I got my second e-mail (the sender of the first deleted or blocked his profile immediately after expressing interest in corresponding -- what's up with that? It's not like I got all polysyllabic in my reply. Much.) This writer - I haven't even looked up where his town is, although it is in an adjacent state - asked if I thought it was possible for an extreme conservative (him) to have a meaningful discourse with someone who is very liberal (me). Well, of course anything is possible.

Now, I am not interested in pursuing anything with this fellow. Not only are we ideologically polar opposites, but judging from his photo I would say he is understating his age by about 10 years (or else I look really, really good for my age), and he says his status is recently separated, which is my book means still married. But I am curious to know how long we might be able to exchange ideas before he comes out with something totally ludicrous.

Oh, wait - that already happened. In his next e-mail he put forth the proposition that if all religions really practiced what they preached, they could pay for everyone's healthcare and there'd be no need for any health insurance at all.

And I thought I tended to be hopelessly naive.

My ex-beau JimmyJames told me that this song always reminded him of me:


  1. I totally love that song. John Lennon was a fantastic talent. Better luck next time with the dating site.

  2. I would say that religions are practicing what they preach and that is why we need health care. Most preach that theirs is the way and all the sickness and evil is the love of god coming down on the wicked sinners. I'm not making this up. Just ask pat robertson about aids. (but you knew that)

  3. Lou, as soon as I got back on the site I knew things were hopeless. But thanks, anyway.

    Punch, you are absolutely right. Do you want me to hook you up with this dude?

  4. I never had much luck with either. Most likely you look good for your age and he understated his Married-Assed age by 15 years.

    If Jesus spoke about health care today, those dumb rednecks would put a Hitler mustache on him too.

  5. In the absolutely irrelevant category, may I submit that "Imagine" was my high school class song. I have no idea why other than perhaps the faculty thought it was more appropriate than the also suggested, "Have a Drink On Me" by AC/DC.

  6. Thanks intelli, but no thanks, I have some tooth picks i need to push under my fingernails, been meaning to do that for a while now, can't put it off any longer.

  7. My favorite song. Do away with religion and you probab ly do away with most of the world's pain.

    Yes, "separation" is a great status for him as he can have fun but can't commit.

    Most of the fun I had in my life was while I was separated.

  8. I am not following the religion, health care thing. So if we what, tithe...look for Jesus in our toast...uh, praise the lord and pass the butter...hang a dead chicken on our porch...we will...what...not get sick...get lower insurance away with pre-existing conditions...not cap out...what?

    In all honesty, I would hate to be a single woman trying to sort out the finks, and out right assholes from the chaff, as it were...particularly on line.

  9. On another note. If your ears are burning, it's because you have been awarded an...award. By yours truly. Like it or not. Claims accepted at the window of BofQ.

  10. I have that on vinyl, but I have no turntable...

    I have no clue about dating in the real world. I have had online relationships, but they didn't happen through dating sites.

    I'm not sure if a liberal atheist with a sick sense of humor and an eye for the strange would find a match. One that would last, that is ;-)

  11. Thank you for the honor, j -- I'll be right over.

    Doug, I thought you were talking about me there for a minute. Hey...uh, what's your sign?

  12. I met Mr. Peach Tart on 5 years ago so there are some good ones out there

  13. Doug, I'm saving myself for a Leo.

    Peach, I know there are some good ones out there. I think that the ones interested in 49-year olds don't put profiles on, though.

  14. You'd take a set of fangs over a flexible stinger...?

    I know what you mean about 49-year olds, you might be too young for us mid 50s guys ;-)


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