Sunday, September 20, 2009

Random and Recently Read

"Modern means of communication span continents, bridge oceans, annihilate time and space. Servants of freedom of thought and action, they offer to all men the wisdom of the ages to free them from tyrannies and establish cooperation among the peoples of the earth." -- Inscription on the Communication Building at the 1939 World's Fair (photo)

"I cannot support any health care plan that would cover teabaggers." -- Michael Berubé


  1. How about "All talk no action since 1939" ?

    I'm such a cynic.

    And teabaggers deserve whatever healthcare they won't get.

  2. Doug, do you mean to say that you don't feel you've been freed from the tyrannies? Shocking!

    (I'm going to post an update about the guy and his new perspective on health care.)

  3. "If a court of law can't get me to listen, what chance do you have?"


  4. Jeez, you don't post forever, and now I can't keep up with your arse. Slow down willyez!

    Teabaggers get sick? Huh.

    Love that quote PP.

  5. jaded, once the shine wears off that pretty award, I'll go back to posting intermittently. Plus, I'm using posting as an excuse not to do my homework :-)

  6. The only tyrannies I worry about at the moment is our Conservative Prime Minister's minority government, and our Liberal Provincial Premier's plan to harmonize GST with our prov. sales tax, thereby increasing taxes on many goods and adding it to goods previously tax free.

    Get your homework done. Tsk.

  7. New motto

    Posting before housework


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