Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Signs of the Season

Driving home from work Monday I saw indisputable evidence that the year is rapidly coming to an end:  Christmas trees. 

In the neighboring counties in northwestern North Carolina, thousands of acres are dedicated to the cultivation of Christmas trees, which are already being harvested to ship to points far away.  Part of me hates to see so much acreage and resources involved in the production of a disposable commodity, but then we can't have every Paul Bunyan wannabe traipsing the National Forests, chainsaw in hand, in search of their perfect holiday icon.

Meanwhile, millions of pumpkins are being led to slaughter this week.  When will the carnage end?


  1. As a member of the NCSA, I am shocked at your suggestion. If we outlaw chain saws, only outlaws will have chainsaws.

  2. J, where did I say anything about outlawing chain saws? (Still a little bit feverish, are you?)

    In fact, if you carve this year's Jack-O-Lantern with your chainsaw, I'll be mightily impressed. Will monitor your blog for the results...

  3. Just sayin in case you had any ideas in that direction. Trying to anticipate.

    Listen my momma didn't raise no idjit. Matter of fact, my momma didn't raise me, but that is another tale.

    If we carve those suckers, the squirrels will eat them in 3.75 hours. We paint them...then let the squirrels have a more leisurely feast...two days.

    Anyway, I don't own a chainsaw.

  4. Did you know that a chainsaw is REALLY loud inside an elevator? Honest, it is.

  5. I can second that chainsaws are loud instead a confined space - really LOUD!!

    We don't celebrate Halloween here in NZ but my mum remembers growing up in Ireland they would put a candle in the window to honour the departed on All Hallows Eve.

  6. You know those aren't Christmas trees in the photo don't you?

  7. Jaded, your NCSA membership is in jeopardy -- no chainsaw?

    Doug, should I even ask?

    Lou, I think the only instance in which chainsaws aren't loud is when they are turned off. (And there is not much honorable about the way Halloween is observed here these days.)

    Barnesm, I was just checking to see if you knew that.


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